Who Is Coming To Live At Your House?

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Who Is Coming To Live At your House?

     In most cases when we get married we expect to have children and many people don’t speak honestly of whom they hope is coming. There may be a clear statement regarding a boy or a girl and sometimes it is very specific as in a husband who is a sports fan and wants a son.

     In many cases people rarely express honest specifics.  As to it being a boy or a girl, they often speak about their hopes later, after the birth. The expression may be naive about the sex of the unborn child even to the self. The fact is, regardless of who you want, it is important to accept and love whomever comes.  Such is not a total reality and the effect on the chid may not become apparent for many years. And it is possible at times that either the man or the woman want no children. All of us have heard such honest statements and it deserves approval and support to seek self emotional solutions. The raising of children is not a simple process regardless.

      In my practice as a clinical psychologist I saw some strange examples. A man says, “I want a son.” He gets two sons and then sheds his wife, wanting to keep only the boys. A woman says she will accept who comes and with a second son or second daughter she leaves the marriage. The problems may occur with either parent at unexpected times and part of the problem may be that they may have never even been honest with themselves.

     In my practice I learned there were no common rules or clearly defined outcomes in regard to children. And many times when I saw a depressed child or adult it could often go back to not being wanted but it was not admitted at the time. What gets played out may be totally unexpected.

     Raising children is not easy.  The time needed is lengthy and difficult and they go through marked phases but we cannot define when those times may come. And children may have  a personality with nothing in common with either parent.

     Not wanting a child is often difficult for a parent whether it is a boy or a girl or just any child at all. Parental rejection is often hard to see and the effects may show up at almost any later date.

     Self examination is not generally declared as desirable for a parent, But deep inside it is important for us to declare whether we want a boy or a girl or if we don’t want either or none at all. Self ownership of feelings and perspectives is important and may be declared to the other parent.  Solutions are available but require the issue to be on the table.

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