Transformation: A World to be Imagined

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy (available on Amazon) – Our Earth goddess Gaia believed the clever creatures developing on her Earth were dangerous but precious.   She recognized that women needed to be empowered.

                                 Transformation: A World to be Imagined

What Lies Ahead?

     America seems to be at a profound choice point.   Will there be something beautiful and inspiring emerging in the end or a transfixing horror in our future? I prefer something glorious.  We may begin to see it unfold shortly or a nightmare may materialize in the mist.  In the end it is my belief that women hold the balance and wIll be the key.  They must be recognized.

My view of Life has Changed

     Earlier events led me to suspend the blog but now events are leading me to reopen the blog and the focus has changed.  We are facing totally unexpected crises that bring us the possibility of transformation.  Whether in the end it will be ruinous or uplifting is yet to become clear.  We will be exploring what might be and there are many emerging alternatives.  I have also found that I have been led to a life review.  As I studied my experiences I found clarity regarding events and avenues that profoundly affect our collective future as well as my personal future.

Returning to the Moment

     For the moment let me return to present reality. And I must make a statement that is not political, but rather clinical.  I am a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D from Duke University and have had decades of experience.  I was stunned and pleased when the book by Donald Trump’s niece came out. She is also a clinical psychologist and we agree on the diagnosis of him as a narcissistic sociopath who is unstable.  His focus on himself leads him away from the needs of our country.

     And even worse, many of our citizenry seem unwilling to face the devastation of our future that might come not just from such a thing as a pandemic but from failures of our government and a leader such as Trump. The problems extend beyond the White House to many of our political leaders. But it is important to remember that we may also be facing a grand fulfilling opportunity that we the people of this country may direct.

Conservatives and Progressives Together

     It is my view that for decades now we have been inadequately attentive to the needs of our country. In addition to the grasp on power by white men, a major contributor to the inattention for our broad needs has been a conservative movement that has become dismissive of their responsibility.


     To be clear, I have a high regard for true conservatives.  I consider myself to be a progressive and believe progressives and conservatives working together form an important source of benefit and balance.  It is inappropriate for conservatives to simply hold onto the past as if it were stone and it is inappropriate for progressives to simply hurl themselves into an unproven future. Together we form an essential balance as we consult and negotiate together.

    It is time for us to reach out to each other with respecting openness to diverse views and values. Yes, there may be a dark future but we may also direct it to the benefit of us all.  We must come together with respect and seize a grand vision of transformation that just may lie before us.

My Personal Response to Our Looming Crises

    I’m what is called an intuitive personality and it is intuition rather than pure logic that guides me.  The truth is that when I began to write my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I did not understand where it would lead me.  I knew my attention on the future but I didn’t understand the depths of feminism that would guide me.

    My life has led to the full recognition of the centrality of the grasp of older white men on power.  Now that I am an older white man I’m going to demonstrate my objection to their hold on our world.  My  books called Gaia’s  Majesty Trilogy will be one form and this blog will also give the history of my objections among many other themes.  My concerns are deep and my hopes for our future, especially when women are empowered, will be fully displayed.

     It is time to move forward but, in what we call the real world, it is hard to know to what.

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