Older White Men – Facing the Future At Last

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Older White Men – Facing the Future at last

I’m now an older white man and I’ve been upset with and at odds with my male colleagues for over fifty years.  And now I believe the issues are coming to a head and we are finding and seeing bad alternatives such as with Trump and his demonstration of the behavior of an unstable sociopath. Fortunately, while I’ve had my problems with  older white men they were usually at least manageable.

An Enduring Lesson 

I hadn’t thought about men and power much until I took a job in the inner city of Baltimore in the 1960s.  At the time the Women’s Liberation Movement was beginning and I found myself working with young, bright women among the men.  Our mission in behalf of delivering mental health services to impoverished citizens in the inner city brought it all to a head.

Naturally the heads of the program were older white men and my perception was that they  had little dedication to our mission to serve the people of Baltimore.  They wanted the grant money, preservation of their status and continuation of the type of programs they had been offering. We had a major confrontation when they wanted to bring in medical students to give the people we were serving a week of therapy and drugs.  It was so outrageous to us that there was a major, direct confrontation. Higher class medical student could do nothing in a week for lower class people and medication suddenly offered indicated no utility. To the surprise of the older white men we made our objections prevail.

See It For What It Is

       The fight continues and this fall it seems there my be what is called “a blue wave” in the interim election. I object to the term because it represents politcalization of changes which should not be politicized.Certainly there is politics involved but we are seeing a worldwide movement to empower women at last which should have a major impact.  That is the type of wave that interests me the most.

     The power of older white men shows up on many avenues and I would prefer it be seen for what it is.  Attention to women coming to equality and power interests me much more and should bring much needed changes.Together with attention to our growing minorities would be much more useful as well.

Waves of Change

      There are truly waves of change and I relish these waves we have seen over human history.  There is an ongoing wave within the black community.  Yes, I am referring to them as black because I was part of the reform movement the year Martin Luther King, Jr. was  assassinated. That was the year black was declared to be beautiful.  It has special meaning.

Time For Men to Face the Future

      Now it is time for men to choose a revolution of their own. And I do not mean choosing to fight to retain their hold on power only. Instead I strongly recommend introspection of alternative benefits and devotion to study the male culture and all its flaws.  Surely there are benefits but there have also been marked negatives. But the biggest benefits will come by embracing all our people and empowering women.

      These changes are coming at us and we would do well to tend the benefits and seek understanding.  It will benefit us all in unforeseen ways.  It is time for change and to turn away from the rigid grasp on power to a more diverse and glorious future!

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