The Struggle For Our Future

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Once again, in this post, we see destructive men leading the world into conflict.  In the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy (available for purchase at we see a story in which our Earth Goddess Gaia supports the development of powerful women in behalf of our future.

The Struggle For Our Future

It seems that the great tragedy of Donald Trump is not just coming to a head but, hopefully to an end.  He presumed the future was to be however he wished and willed it to be.  Such is the case with an egotistical sociopath.  Nothing matters to him but what he wants and because of his narcissism he believes he deserves it.  It is bad enough that he is a sociopath but that he is unstable as well.  And it is stunning that he now wishes to suspend the constitution.  In his own behalf of course.

This potentially highly damaging Trump based trauma leads me back to Horne’s book The Seven Ages of France.  Century after century Europe experienced devastating wars.  They did not affect just Paris but all of Europe. Fortunately, America did not experience the effect of a long line of unstable sociopaths.  That is until we elected Donald Trump.  Fortunately, we had realistic opposition to help insure our future.

After reading Horne’s book it was clear to me that what we call World War  I and World War II were a continuation of centuries long processes.  Many of us had hoped this devastating process had come to an end.

Of course coming to an end is unlikely since the self interested pathological types still exist and it may be that the public may not have the power to stop them or may simply not recognize the damaging pathology.  With what is now happening with Trump it appears we will be able to avoid a travesty such has happened in Europe in the past.

However, we are seeing continuity of tragedy under Vladimir Putin.  And it is not creating a Get Smart type of humorous outcome.  There is nothing conceivably humorous about what is being done to the Ukraine and its people.

It is very difficult to see an enduring and substantial benefit Russia might be gaining from this destructive incursion into the Uktaine.  As I understand it they have seized ten thousand tons of grain but that does not seem enough  to be worthwhile risking World War III. I have been relieved that our politicians are not mentioning such a possibility. Restraint in sprculation demonstrates suitable caution.

But having read that history about war in France and Europe in general I can see that the attack on the Ukraine is an extension of a dark and damaging past.  And from everything I’ve seen and heard, it seems Putin is following in a long history of egotistical sociopathic men and sometimes women.

The Ukrainian people are heroic and there seems to be reason to believe it will end without Russia taking total control of their country.  Many of us had hoped Europe’s history of  war might be fading.  But when unstable narcissistic sociopaths are in charge our hopes are dimmed.  At least America appears to be remaining under the control of our people.


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