Women and Reproductive Rights

Women of Our Earth.  Earth Mother Gaia selected women to preserve our future.  Those living in the sea are called Mermaids.  The guardian body on land is called the Andromeda.  (Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Available on Amazon)

The decisions about women’s reproductive rights has been receiving a lot of attention and, while I find it engaging, I am also finding it infuriating.  What I read seems like a debate among men and that immediately brings up the issue of how often women’s opinions and rights are excluded from the debate.

As I’ve said previously, this intuitive clinical psychologist feels strongly in regard to women’s rights.  And there are some things I wish to add here,  When it comes to reproduction, it is women who end up being most important.

Let me just focus one area – rape.  Some of the debate focuses on her rights to terminaye  a pregnancy even when rape is involved.  But she has a particular position,

Previously I noted the turmoil is often focused on “who comes to live at my house”.  That issue often focuses on whether it is a boy or girl and who each parent wants.Ive seen countless marriages torn apart over who is waned and who actually comes. I have seen great difficulty on the part of just onr parent.  I have always found such devision hard to accept.

Now let us turn to pregnancy from rape.Are we even going to make a woman bear that child of the rapist?  I understand the sanctity of life, but under such circumstances are we to take away a woman’d rights altogether?

Here is realty.  Over the years I have seen parents get a boy or a girl they don’t want.  Okay, they cllose to have that child or it is part of their marriage,  But too often I have seen great difficukty  tearing up the marriage and yielding enduring damage to the child emotionally. Under those circumstances the parents must work in behalf of the child and themselves.

But in regard to raising the rapist’s child the problems are mulyiplied and demands of the mother bearing that child is a terribly hard choice.  It must be her choice, possibly in conjuncion with her husband.  These are exceedingly and even cruel circumstances and I find outsiders deciding the outcome highly unfortunate.





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