What Has America Become?

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What Has America Become?

    For decades I’ve been fascinated by American politics.  Not because as a youth I was well versed in political conflict, but because it was interesting to see and to question the meaning of the conflicts.  Aside from our Civil War we were largely peaceful internally at least at a large scale.  Certainly there were small eruptions but we did not go to war with Canada and outer excursions occurred in such places as Korea and Vietnam.  Near to home, peace was more our way.

More recently there has been cause for alarm.  There were few of us expecting to see an attack on our nation’s capital by internal forces.  But there they were, scaling the front of the capital building, smashing windows and threatening our elected representatives.  And there was a former president (who could believe it?) supporting the insurrection.  I had to wonder why the national guard or some of our other military forces were not called out to defend our country.  This was not a gentle problem deserving of study and a possible eventual day in court.  It appears to have come to that now.  But to my mind it deserved an earlier and more definitive set of responses.  It seems we suffered disbelief and denial.

Of course, one of the key people to support this movement was Donald Trump.  I was pleased to see his niece (also a clinical psychologist like myself) publish a book in which she diagnosed her uncle as an unstable narcissistic sociopath.  Spot on from the viewpoint of this clinical psychologist!

In fact, though, I am not amused.  Trump has broken the law as he tried to manipulate secret and top secret documents to serve his own purposes.  He has gone against the law and we can only hope he will be forced to face the consequences.  Yes, he is unstable.  Yes, he believes he gets whatever he wants and he has no moral grounding.  And we had elected him president!  He may believe he is above the law but he is not.  Now, for his own purposes, he wants to suspend the constitution.  That would probably take him off the hook but our country would be left with terrible consequences. We would cease to be a functional country.  It might serve a Get Smart comedy sketch as Nicolai Khokhlov portrayed them to us.  Except it is not funny and we can only hope over time the true tragic nature of Trump and his colleagues will be fully recognized and acted upon for Justice.

And just before our eyes in Europe is a tragic war and series of events devastating the people of the Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and his comrades.  The men who are supporting this tragedy bear a lot in common with Trump and his colleagues except Trump has not gotten that far.  Both share the sociopathy and when I think of the book The Seven Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne it brings to mind the same type of male ego going out of control which sustained tragedy in Europe for hundreds of years.  We can only hope and work for an affirmation of values and distinct commitment to our fine country.  And that men will learn to get themselves under control.

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