In the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy books we see the potential for the culture and wisdom of women to lead us into a  transformation such as is needed and described in the post below.

Transformation – Reaching Out

Will An Issue Arrive To Drive Us Forward?

Not long ago when I finished the third book of my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I could see that no matter how much I tried to outline and structure the book, it kept taking on a life of its own.  Of course, as a psychologist, I know what was happening.  The primary component of my personality is intuition which means I focus on what might be.  The next level in my personality is thinking which is my salvation because it will step in and help me organize and attend to detail.

As  I wrote the third book I found myself often having the characters looking for the focus and direction of their mission.  In the end what happened was described by the word “transformation” which is in this title.

The Possibility

What keeps coming up for us in our own reality is the fact that we may not easily construct the way out of a morass in  which we find ourselves.  In the book The Seven Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne he details how frequently Europe tumbled into terrible wars.  There seemed to be no insight but just repeated loss of control as the people at the top sought wealth and personal grandiosity above all else.  Recently we have seen continual dysfunction leading to two world wars and the great depression.

Then We Are Left To Pick Up The Pieces

I will never forget what I saw in Europe in 1950. We all had a mission to help Europe recover.  In many ways we are again seeing Europe possibly descending into devastation because of the conflict in the Ukraine and a process very similar to that of the past.  This is a time when transformation is needed.  We can descend into even more devastating crises or we can seize other developing possibilities to focus us and give us a productive vision to pursue.

Yes! Transformation

When I look at the world just now I see two very different ways forward shaping up.  We can descend once again into devastating crises or we can seize other developing possibilities to focus us and give us a productive vision to pursue.  Our failing often is to seize a sudden reaction rather than exploring productive alternatives.  Or we can sit back and watch the the effect of the ego of a leader such as Vladimir Putin rule the day.

What Do You Think?

Probably, if we study European history and share our thoughts about what would inspire us we might be able to make a collective commitment.  When it is really, really bad we can’t look away, but it is possible that right now we might seize on  something that would be uplifting. But disaster remains a clear alternative.

Our cultures are moving quickly but with history deeply involved in our futures.  Just out there is considerable promise and my hope is that the transformation will be chosen because of communal commitment led by the recognition of history.  Cultural and technological changes might well give us a vision to embrace.  But a transformational choice remains at the head of the list.



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