I Want A Son

Our Earth Mother Gaia selected women to preserve and enhance our future.  Those living in the sea are called Mermaids.  The guardian body on land is called the Andromeda. (Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Available for purchase on Amazon)


As a clinical psychologist I have found myself engaged by a wide range of issues.  I did not confine myself to individual therapy but saw couples in therapy as well.  In such therapy it was generally viewed as involving issues related to their relationship.  But it also involved other things they needed to know the full import of but they might not be aware of.

Earlier in my life I thought that if people wanted children in their marriage, they wanted who came to live at their house, whomever that came to be.  In her book Woman Be Wild by Indigo I could see so many underlying features in people’s lives.  Most of us assume that if a married couple wanted children, they simply wanted who came to their house be it a boy or a girl.

In couples therapy I found people often did not just want who came to live with them.  Some couples were open but often I found a boy was wanted and I found too many couples whose relationships crumbled when a girl arrived.  Because of the reaction, the injury to the girl in turn might be significant and enduring.

I do not know how many times I heard “I want a son”.  When the son arrived some of the marriages crumbled anyway.  I have to say there were too many indications that boys would be more highly valued.  Even where a boy arrived I saw instances where a man might push his wife away because it was only the son he wanted.

And then there were the marriages that crumbled when girls were born and I saw an instance where a woman went in search of a man with a son.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

What I was seeing was the lack of awareness of the cultural bias against women and in favor of men. At times there was merely marginal awareness of the biases.

Much of this reflected the cultural biases against women as outlined in Woman Be Wild by Indigo.  We have a great deal of work to do regarding the biases against women.  It is not just a matter of their talents.  The biases could push certain manifestations on developing girls and the injuries often endured with them as adults. It is time for us to be clear about the nature of our lives and especially the prejudices that are damaging our women and girls and, yes, marriages.

In my blog posts I am noting truly major issues about the often dreadful effects of the male ego that we created as they were growing.  Girls also are subjected to major destructive issues as well and they will pay the price.  It is time for us to face these issues and to adjust our culture and future.

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