Exploring the What If

We may enjoy fiction such as Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy.  But it runs even deeper if we explore the nature of the key issues in our own experience and life.The major element to explore in this series is the potential bounty in the empowerment of women.

Exploring the What If

A context is needed as we move through the new day of these posts in a country in deeper crisis than we may believe from the surface appearance.

Blog posts may be a presentation of  opinion from a viewpoint with an agenda.  However they may also reflect  the personality of the author.  In this instance my personality is what is what is called the intuitive personality type. This type is primarily interested in the “what if”.  Certainly facts enter into the presentation but it is the exploration of what may be that is most important. for  the intuitive type.

Let Me Illustrate

Like most people, I entered college not focused on a particular major.  I did, however come lntrigued by  the development of nuclear physics. It was just twelve years before the nuclear bombs exploded over Japan.  I had to wonder where we might be going and what we might find.  The science was intriguing to me.

But to explore physics, first I had to enhance my mathematics skills. Unfortunately, I ran into a professor who was not interested in teaching and the class went nowhere productively.  It really was not my failing but his.  I went for counseling and settled on psychology which seemed to offer exploration.

In the first class the professor declared “psychology is a science”.  Well, physics was a science offering exploration. So I thought I’d try  psychology.  In time I found  the science part of psychology to be too pedestrian for me.  I subsequently turned to clinical where I could explore the human psyche which is hardly a fixed and universally defined item.

What Is a Psyche?

One definition is that it is the human soul mind or spirit.  Not exactly concrete or precise.  For me it was more like the direction to a deep exploration.  We aren’t even sure exactly what those things are.  Right up my alley  And while I was in that alley I found I could explore many other things and many things in my world were part of the “what if?”

The Real World

So now, let me turn to what is called the “real world”.  If you know what that is in a truly, truly definite way I would appreciate letting me know.  As soon as I walk into the”real world” I find its ephemeral underbelly is revealed.

    The Bottom Line

I scan the world, study the horizon and look for revelations.  What may be is much more interesting to me than what I can clearly define or perceive. Such scanning leads me into the past, exploration of the present and interest in the future.  All this means is that my posts will take a variety of viewpoints.  Certainly I will look  for legitimate facts and to establish what is needed but the horizon always beckons me.


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