Dominant Themes in this Blog

In spite of the title, there are really two central themes that concern me. One, of course, is the fact that reality is not truly fixed. My focus in that regard reflects the fact that I’m a clinical psychologist. Human beings explore and seek in “real” and imagined worlds. But there are special issues which deserve special attention. The other issue which is highlighted for me is more current and it is the movement to empower women.

Humans are curious beings. What is driving us often is not apparent to ourselves. In this case, for me, my dedication to our future leads me to see the empowerment of women is a central issue as we seek to release the full potential of half of us. In the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy powerful women are central and I must confess that the empowerment issue was behind my creation of this trilogy–even though I was not clear about that at the beginning. Over time the story and my dedication grew and grew and I came to see this movement as core to our future. It wasn’t just the story which grew, the process also involved women characters showing up implicitly demanding inclusion.

If nothing else I hope the Gaia’s Majesty story and much of the content of this blog will aid the development of support for the movement. It may well be the most important movement in the history of humankind. By that I am truly fascinated.



Cusp of Reality Explored


What Do YouThink of Reality?

Seeking Guidance and Stability
Generally we prefer to believe otherwise, but that thing we call “reality” is a tenuous manifestation of our existence. We are more likely to realize how ephemeral reality is when we explore dreams, spirituality, religion or mythology. In all, though,we come to understand that we live on the cusp of reality. How real are our aspirations, our beliefs, our searches for meaning? And what does it mean that women are rising and coming to power as never before? Through it all we have to find something stable to guide us. And that something is often that creation we call reality.

Enhancing Our Existence
In fiction we explore not just our everyday world but such things as fantasy, science fiction, dystopian speculation, paranormal possibilities and the world of spirits among many themes. We may not expect definitive answers but wish to consider possibilities and find adventure as we explore. It enhances our existence, enriches us and leads us forward to a useful perspective. In my profession many psychologists understand that psychotherapy is often not about mental illness but about achieving a useful perspective on our lives and the way forward. There are a multitude of ways to assess what we call reality.

Emerging Themes
Through this blog we will be exploring emergent themes in human existence. And the reader will be introduced to the forthcoming fiction trilogy.

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy
Gaia’s Majesty : Mission Called – Women in Power
Gaia’s Majesty : Challenge – The Chosen Rise
Gaia’s Majesty : Transformation – Life Forces Revealed.

Some of the themes explored in this blog include the meaning of a cusp of reality, the importance of vision, women rising, mythology as truth and revelation, exploration in the writing process, development through struggle, the essence of stewardship, addressing alternative life forms, including spirits, and finally transformation itself.

Leading to What?
Looking back one hundred thousand years we see the clever animals called humans managed to survive and develop. Gradually we became cultural animals and then within the last ten thousand years civilization exploded. In the last one hundred years there seems to be an asymptotic process yet to be clarified and defined.

Who are we to become? How will we mature? Will we achieve some unexpected transformation. Our wars continue but we are struggling to form new bonds among countries and among peoples. And, if only in our information technology, we have achieved a remarkable transformation. And of great import we also have to ask where the emergence of women will lead us. In this blog the author brings his decades working in clinical psychology to bear on this exploration.

What is your view of reality and your experience with it?

An Opportunity
The Cusp of Reality blog is an opportunity to explore and to participate. You are invited to join us in the exploration and to make your voice heard. You can join in at Twitter and Facebook or here by emailing me at rogerbburt@gmail.com. Let me hear from you!

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