A Time For Men and Women to Move Forward Together


Women May Lead the Way Into Our Future

Through history at least fifty percent of our population (women) have been subjugated. The Amazon women and Viking Shield Maidens are examples of exceptions.

In the 1960s, when the Women’s Liberation movement flowered, I was intrigued and, at a conference, saw the opportunity to attend a women’s group. I went to the gathering but was turned away because, in that dawning era, the women sought to discuss the issues among themselves only. At first I felt a sense of disappointment, but finally saw it was best for them to probe the issues and set a course on their own.

A Cultural Surge

And now every day women are calling out regarding the need for their empowerment and expressing their outrage at things such as sexual harassment and the glass ceiling. Among other things they point to specific men, incidents and misogyny. We can’t turn back now. Women generally feared coming out and pointing at the men who abused and harassed them. But now the door of confinement has been broken open and it cannot be closed again.

Coming Together to Shape Our Collective Future

Now it’s time for men to come together, not in opposition, but to permit men to reveal who they are personally, how they have been and the processes and alliances which direct their development. The reformulation of our societies is not to be done by women alone, as they call for an end to subjugation and an evaluation of misogyny, its origins and how to control it. This is an opening to a special once in a lifetime opportunity that will surely expand and evolve. Now that we begin the process of empowering women we release a new rich fund of creativity and intellectual prowess to benefit all of us.

As women are empowered, we advance the opportunity for them to fulfill their full potential. And now men need to face themselves and find a way to fulfill their own full potential. Yes, the male culture and the attitude of men are often holding them back and all of us as well. And now we may seize that most fruitful partnership with women and the bounty it can yield. It’s important to be clear that the end to subjugation of both men and women, in all its forms, holds unforeseen possibilities leading us collectively into an enhanced future.

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A New Year of Peril and Promise


Coming this spring, Gaia’s Majesty:Challenge – The Chosen Rise.

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A New Year of Peril and Promise

Intriguing Possibilities

Now comes a new year. It is both a year fraught with peril for America but one which also holds extraordinary promise. By and large I’m going to leave the political analyses to others although it is very hard to separate politics from policy and process, including the content in fiction writing.

This year in my blog I’m going to cover a variety of topics.In the spring the second book of my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy will be published. (See cover at top of page.) Among issues I will be covering related to the trilogy will be the origins of the story in the series, expanded commentary about key Andromeda women warriors in Majesty, and commentary on some issues facing authors. I’m also going to make a few comments related to the adventures my wife and I had in the Caribbean as the world expanded for us. But the major focus near term will be the issue of the empowerment of women and a call for men to examine themselves and their culture. What is happening with women offers huge potential. It is an opportunity we must seize.

Call for a Movement

A Collective Search

We have a feminist movement and it’s time for a masculinist movement. If you think that means a movement in opposition to feminism, that is the opposite of what is needed. We need a movement in which men together evaluate themselves, male culture and what has been holding them back. We can only dimly see where that may lead us.

With this new year and all its import, I’m going to begin a new series which I’m calling the Masculinism Movement. (Hear the echoes of the words “Feminism Movement”.) The Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1960s opened with women coming together in groups to evaluate their positions and their way forward. Now that we are entering a period where we look toward full empowerment of women, it’s time for men to come together in groups to assess the male culture and to own how they have been and what has been done to them. The recent cresting of sexual harassment allegations are instructive but are only one facet of problems in the male culture.

As noted, the proposed Masculinism Movement is not a movement purely to empower men. It is a movement in which men assess themselves and assess what has been holding them back in general and especially in regard to women. It is an opportunity to examine the male culture and the roots of their need to dominate and keep women subjugated. Men even inhibit the reproductive health care of their wives, mothers, children and grandchildren. It is a wholly irrational process. This is not how men are but a cultural issue.

A Personal Opportunity

Rarely have I seen men come together to deal with their culture and how their lives have been shaped by what is often tyranny and control by their fellows. Rarely is it even mentioned, but it is often assumed that men simply feed upon power and domination. There is surely a lot more to it that many men have not examined and that includes the influence of all forms of male culture in their lives. These influences extend to their relationships with women and how they function in our society. If men are to change and we are to truly open the full potential for our future, men must examine themselves. That is the force of the movement and it can help us reshape our societies. And some of the issues for men surely may relate to insecurity or distorted self concepts often reflecting what has happened to them personally or as a function of the larger male cultures.

Please let me hear your thoughts.


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Origins and Sources for The Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy- Part 1

Inspiration and the Author

Whatever That Means

As soon as I input the word inspiration, something inside of me asks, “what?” At once I understand. Inspiration is defined by Google as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. Does that help? Not for me. Like so many things, it raises more questions than answers and the stimulation is not just mental.

A familiar image is of the author sitting before a typewriter (now a computer) waiting for something to stir him or her or give them direction. First off we have to wonder why the author came to sit there if there was no clear inclination of direction or clarity of substance.

Inspiration does seem to have an independent life of its own. Partly because books of fiction have roots inside ourselves. Nonfiction may be simply our need to give clarity to a real world subject. But fiction is another matter.

A Process Without Clear Delineation

At the same time it just may be that we are wasting our time trying to define inspiration because we are led into a cave with a myriad turning points and possibilities. Sometimes it just may be that we have to accept that we are being stirred by something we cannot immediately define. It may be that where we begin may be nowhere near where we end up.

As such it may be best to see what we can do to focus an idea no matter how vague and see if an outline of some sort may emerge. As a psychologist I often come back to the idea that things are often not what they seem. What we call reality has anything but a hard edge and certainly inspiration may be fuzzy. We may have to simply take inspiration off its leash or find a way to do that.

A Road or An Adventure

In fiction we are certainly looking for a way down a road, an adventure of some sort. The beginning is to simply start down the road. And the road we choose may be very different depending upon the stage of our lives. We may be searching a purpose for ourselves, looking to reveal something to others or even doing an assessment of where we have been and its meaning.

Finding a Beginning Point

Looking back I have to wonder where the beginning of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy really was. There were just two general thoughts. One was that in my life I search for possibilities and that I’m entranced by mythology. The simple explanation was that I found myself focused on the meaning of mermaids. In their own way they are so prominent. As a story began to develop it became clear that women were central and that another root was the matter of the empowerment of women.

From there I found an outline was becoming insistent and steadily clarified as it grew and grew and grew. Since I am hardly at the beginning of my life I had to realize I was doing an assessment and was turning pages to think further about what may lie in our collective future. Together we can see where it leads and search out the substance of meanings.

What is inspiration for you?

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A Collage of Reality


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A Collage of Reality

Are we really jugglers when it comes to reality?

A Mutable Reality

In fact, the mutable nature of reality as we see it is not strictly related to ourselves. It also relates to what is happening in the world around us. Concerning ourselves with reality is not just a personal phenomenon. Certainly we have to keep oriented in a world filled with stimuli. Maintaining a reality relates to things personal, social and environmental. We have to relate to all the different facets of our lives.

There is the matter of what we experience moment to moment but also phenomena and relationships throughout our life which, in itself, is a developmental process. And where we are going may be very different from where we think we are going.

Accepting Ongoing Adaptation

There was a time when vocational life was pretty much stable over our lifetime. A man would take up farming and that would be his life. A man would go to work for a company and retire from it. That is no longer the case. We cannot predict what our vocational future may be and cannot be sure of the duration of our relationships. All of those factors mean there must be many periods of adaptation.

Looking at our modern lives in that way shows why we must have an enduring belief in a stable reality. It is simply not feasible to consider all the possible variables at one given moment. It is really a tribute to our adaptability that we can maintain what we call sanity through all the changes and different stimuli. Finding enduring truth is difficult and keeping tabs on reality is a challenge.

The Larger Context

But, in the end, we have to move beyond personal considerations because there is an inevitable social context and we also keep an eye on the future of our species. In those contexts it is important for us to not simply watch developments among segments of people and political struggles. These things can confine our perceptions.

And it is the larger matters which concern me. In the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I concern myself with the portrayal of what might be and how it might occur. It is not just a focus on stewardship and the wellbeing of the world. Certainly those are considerations, but within those issues lie the very real issue of how women will be seen and how they will participate. Again and again I come back to the belief that we are at a tipping point and the single most important issue to which we must attend is what is happening with women and where it will lead us.

Do you have a larger focus?


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Time for World Reformation or Devastation?


Is this a picture of the dawn of hope or the end of the world in fire?

Keeping Our Eyes Open and Head Clear

We seem to be teetering on the edge of something but the question is “of what?”.

Nothing Is Eternal

As I’ve said previously it was not long ago that we were looking at a world of dawning hope. The Arab Spring was growing, Europe showed ever so much promise and the world in general suggested progress. And then the downward spiral began.

The deterioration in the Middle East was striking, Europe showed signs of strain as Brexit surfaced and crises built across the world. What we need to ask ourselves is where this will lead. It may be something like how things were before World War I leading to decades of devastation of all kinds or it may indicate cracks in the facade of how things are which may mean opportunity.

Opportunity For Change

Whether we learned from the conflicts of the twentieth center is a key question. If we learned, then each crisis may be an opportunity in itself. Europe has seen what happened to Britain’s economy when they chose Brexit and it is hardly wonderful. In the Middle East we are seeing signs of new cooperation between nations and factions. And in the United States the old two party system is frayed and people are asking interesting questions. It may be that we can forge new alliances which can build new, more modern parties and open unexpected vistas for our population.

Facing Facts

Clearly we need new thinking and the end of the old system. It is clear that many kinds of industry are disappearing while new systems including information technology are appearing. But we need to rethink how we approach our economy and how jobs are shaped. People are going to have to be retrained and preparation for employment in general needs a new face.

How Novel!

In this postcapitalism era one of the ideas is for governments to provide a basic universal payment to all families. Say what? In fact, Switzerland is toying with just such an idea. Provide a fundamental base of support and you obviate many of the current forms of support such as disability payments, food programs and so forth. It is a fascinating idea which suggests exploration.

Building Constructive Change

We are entering a new era and, as stated above, we can view it is an opportunity for reform or resist it and inadvertently abet chaos and failure.

But, one thing is certain. The pace of change is increasing and we had best pay attention. New systems are evolving. Old industries and methods are going away. If nothing else, it is time to explore and see what we can sight on the horizon and how we might shape it.

What novel ideas would you like to explore?

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Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

A New Movement

A New System

There is a new movement concerning how we handle problem issues in our personal lives. That may mean the things we have called mental illness. It’s about time.

As a psychologist I’ve had to wrestle with my profession and the allied profession of psychiatry. Fundamentally I’m not a huge fan of the term mental illness. Obviously no one would be enthusiastic about mental illness. But I’m talking about my reservations about the whole concept and how we respond to problems and crises in our lives.

Long ago we dragged problems assumed to be associated with demonic possession and related issues away from the church and gave it to the medical professions. Not a bad idea but it is long overdue to reformulate our concepts. Time for a redefinition.

Down With Mental Illness!

Certainly there are biochemical issues which can be devastating. I’m thinking of such things as schizophrenia. But there are also a class of problems with varying severity we all have to contend with. Then recently I heard a discussion about new approaches.

The people presenting were fundamentally talking about management. They pointed out, for example, that anxiety is a significant problem for many people and probably all of us from time to time. There are a number of diagnoses associated with anxiety. But there is the suggestion that we need to approach it differently. Certainly it can be a major problem but it is also useful in that it alerts us to danger and problems and pushes us to seek cause and management. Now that it a conceptualization I like.

Life Management

We may have a life coach but we actually need to conceive of ourselves as in the business of life management for ourselves. We tend to do it in our day to day lives when we take time off, go to the gym or give ourselves a treat. But management goes well beyond that.

We have to understand how we are. Introverts manage their tendency to withdraw. They come to understand that they are much more comfortable when they are clear how they should react and manage a situation. I remember Johnny Carson talking about how introverted he was. But night after night he went before an audience as a comedian. He spoke at one point about how well it worked when he was well prepared and knew what he was doing exactly. He knew how to manage it and he looked like an extravert.

Specific Issues

Extraverts have to learn to back off with some people and be engaging but not too engaging. For more serious issues we have PTSD and Autism for example. The new movement is taking a different approach.

PTSD is, in many ways, completely understandable. If you live day to day being forced to kill people or trying not to be killed, it is going to take a toll. A change of perspective rather than seeing oneself as a failure for reacting is helpful. Also there are ways to help a person decondition with exposure to specific stimuli. These examples merely hint at productive approaches.

Then there is autism. When we listen to the issues autistic people deal with, each of us will identify specifics which are at issue for us as well. The difference may be of degree and the number of different issues present. Managing in discrete areas will help.

Stepfamilies pose another set of issues. Often everyone in the family is making a life change adjustment at the same time. It’s very stressful and requires attention to management for adults and children. Is it pathological or a mental illness? Of course not. It requires understanding and management.

The Bottom Line

New thinking is leading us away from the concept of mental illness. Now it seems we are turning to management when we use such things as exposure to stimuli, cognitive behavior management. We can now stop threatening people with stigma and help them manage their lives in new ways. At last!

What are your primary life management issues?

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Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

Expanding Our World


Other Life Forms

On a day to day basis there isn’t much reason to consider the possibility of other life forms. That doesn’t mean rabbits, deer and water buffalo. Other life forms refers to the ones we cannot ordinarily perceive. But the possibility keeps coming up.

When I started working on the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I found story lines often led to other life forms. If humankind is, in fact, moving toward some kind of denouement or transformation, is it possible we would come in contact with or form an alliance with other forms, possibly from the spirit world? Belief in such being or brushes with them are pervasive.

There It Was Again

Recently my wife asked if I would like to go to a workshop about dowsing. Immediately I was intrigued. It had been a long time but I had had a brush with it long ago. We were living in an eighteenth century house in a lovely rural valley. Our water came from a thirty foot dug well in front of the house. One day it was apparent that the sewage system had backed up into it. Time for a new well.

But where were we to drill. I decided to take up water witching or dowsing. The result stunned me. I’d never done it before but could feel tugs and in one place off to the side of the house the tug was very, very strong. We had the well drilled there. What a gusher! The company had left the pipe sticking 3 feet out of the ground and the water settled just six inches form the top. We would have had an artesian well without it.

Another Opportunity

The idea of the workshop was intriguing but I didn’t really know much about dowsing. I learned about entities, spirit guides and other powers. There we were asking questions and getting answers. It is a rich system related to other kinds of life forms and powers.

Then I remembered something. Many years ago I had gone to a dump to drop something off and was struck by terrible feelings of fear and despair. There were two employee working at the dump and when they looked up the fear and devastation in their eyes was terrible. I came away with a terrible impression of a murder. Not just a sudden murder but a tortured prolonged affair.

Energy Systems

Human beings appear to be made up of energy systems and other forms are all around us. In the workshop I learned about entities and pervasive systems. It seems I had experienced a residual effect of a cataclysmic event. I’m pleased to say I have never encountered another one.

But the richness of dowsing goes well beyond water witching. The workshop connected me to the experiences I related previously about a ghost at one house and the spirits around another place I had lived.

Easy to Dismiss

It’s easy to proclaim that these phenomena are figments of our imagination. But, while I don’t spend a lot of time interacting with these alternative worlds, I’m impressed with their possibilities. And then when I turned to fiction and considered the possibilities of transformation as humankind reached yet another turning point I found myself back in that world.

It is enriching to consider these alternatives and more than that, it just may be that the entities, spirits and other being are important to our growth, our development and our future.

May The Force Be With You!

What of this have you encountered?

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Transformation/Women Rising



Keeping a Broad Focus

With our twenty-four our news cycle we become obsessed with the story of the moment. Such a focus means we often do not see the big picture. Women’s issues are not to be overlooked even amidst our strife with autocracy. In America there is a struggle for the maintenance of women’s health care. In the Middle East women are struggling against their invisibility while they are being cloaked from sight. The stories are varied across the world but hold a common theme of suppression and resistance.

Which leads us to the necessity to question what is happening in the larger picture. In part, the larger picture is conveyed by Sally Armstrong in her book Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter. I’m a huge fan of this book because it helps us shape and understand the breadth of what is happening.

The Struggle with Change

In our day to day existence we often miss the impact of change even as it settles upon us personally. Today I sit here writing on my computer which did not exist not so long ago. I wanted to confirm the reference to Sally Armstrong’s book and had it within seconds. Looking back I see asymptotic changes in many areas. And I believe such changes are not merely happening in the world of technology. How we deal with them is another matter.

Culture Sweeps Us Along

Leslie White, the distinguished anthropologist, defined culture for us and referred to it as an extrasomatic stream since it flows outside of humankind. It is, indeed, a process and a stream which has a life of its own as it flows in us and around us. Calculus was “invented” by three people at the same time when they were not in contact with each other. The basis for calculus was in the stream.

And now we have a stream process which is impacting the roles of women which means all of us. I would contend that we have a process of incalculable meaning. This is not a battle for just one issue like equality of pay or reproductive rights. This is a monumental movement. After all of human history we are seeing women coming to power and that means true partnership with men.

Choosing the Core

It was precisely because of this groundswell that is becoming an asymptote that I chose women as the moving force in my trilogy of Gaia’s Majesty. Put it how you will, we are seeing something which will almost surely be transformational for humanity and the benefits we are only just now beginning to see. Women are more social, less inclined to put power first and offer a range of creativity among other things. As they rise amongst us it will surely have beneficial effects we can only dimly perceive. But it will involve monumental struggle. The shape of the transformation is yet to come into view.

What form of transformation do you want or expect?

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Defining the World


What is your dominant view of the future of the world?

Each of us has an identity and it may be complex and multifaceted. How we are composes just a portion of our world. The world as it is and how we view it, represents another set of forces to be dealt with. And it can come to be personal.

Competing Views

Our view of the world may dominate our thinking and our choices. Currently there are two largely competing views. Many themes about the world suggest an unimaginable developing crisis which might lead to an uninhabitable world and lead to the extinction of humankind. We see this view encompassed in dystopian novels. Perhaps there is a triumph or perhaps ultimate disaster.

In contrast there is a view that a very different picture is developing suggesting an alternative reality of a very different outcome. The view of the world being on the edge of destruction is one you are probably acquainted with. But if you read Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler you will get a stunningly different view. It is perfectly conceivable that we may mature and find abundance. Looking at human history shows us with considerable potential. We are yet to see if we will tip over the edge into destruction or reach a golden age.

Making a Choice

It is not my plan to pursue detailing of these different viewpoints here. I’ll leave that exploration to you. What you may see is that you find one or the other viewpoint particularly attractive. The one about doom is essential because we need to be concerned about what might go wrong. Such a viewpoint is essential to our personal safety and future and may lead us to the choice of working for stewardship of our planet and ourselves. It could lead us to fulfillment of our hopes and dreams. We have to ask ourselves which view of the world and the future we choose to embrace.

Even if we choose to believe in a dystopian future we are left with struggle. In fact, both alternatives involve struggle. We are, after all animals, and when we view the animals of our planet, all of them are struggling for a future. And out of that future comes their development whether it is some form of social development or genetically. What we choose becomes an identity and where we put our energies.

Belief Shaping Fiction

These views of the world help shape fiction writing just as does the identity of ourselves. Surely we have all read a dystopian novel which ends in disaster or leaves us at least with a feeling that we are close to an inevitable disaster. Maybe there is only a small hope at the end that the participants may manage to prevail in some distant future. Or do we lead them to triumph and personal fulfillment through the story and to the conclusion. We, as the writers, display ourselves in such a decision.

Is humankind looking at a looming choice? And what might that choice be? Is it beyond what we might have expected? The Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy (coming soon) provides a scenario.

What is the scenario in which you believe?

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Does this picture remind you of our world media? They have endless opinions. Maybe just as valid as yours.

The Pause That Does Not Refresh – Or Does It?

Aren’t opinions wonderful? Everyone has one and it fuels the twenty-four hour a day news channels. Oil will surely drop to $20 a barrel. The Euro will drop to .80 to the dollar. After the Vietnam War the domino effect was certain to tear Asia apart. And on and on.

So let me throw my speculation into the mix. But first let me bring up the matter of interregnum again. One definition of interregnum is a period when normal government is suspended and the other definition is simply an interval or a pause. The latter is what we seem to be experiencing in some form now internationally.

Hope for the Future

Not long ago our hopes for stability were being fueled by a number of events. Ronald Reagan told Gorbachov to tear down the Berlin Wall and he complied – of course. Post World War II the countries of Europe began to build the European Union. China began to evolve away from “pure” socialism into a mix with capitalism. We also experienced what came to be known as the Arab Spring. And lets not forget stabilization in Africa and economic gains in emerging economies and the information technology revolution.

What could go wrong? Maybe not everything but blanket optimism was hardly indicated. Not all of these changes were as effective as we might have hoped. And now things seem to be going in a very different direction

It’s Fascinating

Perhaps the optimism wasn’t completely misguided. It is just possible that we are facing an interregnum or pause – of sorts. World events do not move in a linear fashion. When we look at events during our lifetimes we see fits and starts. It is almost as if groundwork is laid, followed by a reappraisal and then a new birth of activity. It isn’t always so but often enough that we may expect a regrouping. In some ways an interregnum can be viewed as a testing ground for alternatives. That means it affords us opportunities.

Look at what is happening to us politically in the United States. The current spectacle was not expected but we can see its foundation. The parties have been evolving and it was hardly likely that the course would be smooth. Now we get a chance to see what may take shape out of the developments.

And then, of course, there is the Middle East. As terrible as it is, we have to wonder if it will get worse or in the end force long overdue reform and maturation.

And that is what I love about an interregnum. It is an opportunity to take gains, make reforms and we can seize the opportunities. But it takes maturation and the willingness to take the opportunity.

A Leap Forward

Out of each of these events we can pose possible outcomes and find ways to build our future. Except for such things as the decline of Germany after World War I and the descent into Naziism, there are often boundless opportunities. I think the door is open and it is time to walk through the doors of our choosing. And often we can view possible futures in speculative fiction.

Do you see a particularly enticing opportunity?
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