Concerning Spirits – Part 2

Who brings us through world crises?  In the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy (available on we learn it is our Earth Mother Gaia who has selected committed and talented women in our behalf.


Concerning Spirits – Part 2

A Valley of Spirits

     Our search for a home to buy continued and at last we came to a valley that utterly enchanted me.  Initially it was simply because I loved the feeling of the river valley.  At the end of the yard ran a charming small river and we were surrounded by lush hills.

     When we first came to view it we had not made an appointment and simply entered the property.  We stopped and looked down the drive then drove down a side drive toward the barn.  The property seemed perfect for the horse my wife wanted but she did not have the same feeling about the atmosphere.  I did not care what the house was like.  I loved that valley.  It felt warm and cozy.  And when we were able to make a scheduled visit to the house my love deepened.  There was a two hundred year old stone antique.  It needed some work but it was impossible for me not to love it.  The feelings could not be described easily but were warmly welcoming.  There was no drama, just a soft coziness.  In my view it was to be the very special home we had sought.

The Setting

      The house had been built by one of the earliest settler families in the Pennsylvania area.   It was situated on what had been the original road from Baltimore, Maryland to York,  Pennsylvania.  Decades before the road had been moved but the original road could still be seen coming down the hill on the other side of the valley. It ran to the foundation of a former covered bridge.  The road could also still be perceived in our lawn and ran up a hill on our side of the valley.

      The house itself was calm.  We experienced none of the drama we had experienced in  the other house.  The outside was another matter entirely.

An Opening

     Evenings were lovely.  There was little noise from the highway and often there was a mist that generated a feeling of enchantment.  I often went out on the porch in the evening.  In time I began to see movement and finally from time to time I saw the shadowy form of horse drawn conveyances.  Some carriages stopped in front of the house as if dropping someone off.  But, again, there was no drama or fear.  It simply felt like the spirits of the past were still with us.

     And one morning when I got up I went out on an upstairs porch and looked toward the river.

Near the foundation of the bridge stood a man in what looked like a union uniform from the Civil War.  Shortly he faded.  Several more times I saw him. There was no hint of meaning.  Just an appearance.

A Living Valley

     I can’t see it any other way but that the valley was alive with spirits from its past.  There  was nothing in the area to disturb its longstanding environment.

     And then one night I felt a summons.  Behind the house was a small hill with the house cozied up to it.  The hill was lovely with trees and flowering bushes.  But generally there was nothing to lead me to spend time up there even as pretty and peaceful as it  was.

     That night, as the light faded, I felt drawn to walk up the hill.  Early in my life I had had a fear of the dark which had not faded much. The hill would have been dark shortly but I went anyway.  At the top I turned and walked into an area I had never visited.  I sat down and could dimly perceive a very large dark seated figure.  We said nothing to each other and I sat calmly for some time until the darkness had gathered and I felt it was time for me to return to the house.  I did not feel dismissed but felt a strange sense of completion and calm I could not explain.  In the days ahead it became clear to me that my fear of the dark had disappear.  I had to assume the spirit I had perceived had given me the gift of the release from the fear of darkness.

Through The Years

     The house and its valley always gave me a sense of beauty and there was the feeling of its spirited life of all kinds.  Why I was drawn there and what it represented never was clarified for me.  I was just grateful for the experiences.  It made me a firm believer in spirit worlds and I understand our biological lives do not demand us to be conversant with spirits or their worlds.  But now I have the feeling that we are biologically focused on a given form of reality but we are surrounded by a richness of spirits and alternative worlds we simply cannot perceive most of the time.  Perhaps when I move on from this life I will join another such world.



Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy

As of now the entire Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is available for purchase from  It is a unique fantasy trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world.  Empowerment at last!


Our earth  mother, Gaia, was intrigued by clever creatures developing on her Earth. She believed they held promise but also danger for themselves and her precious planet.

To safeguard the future of her planet Gaia selected a gifted population of women.  They were given the mission to be stewards of Earth and to protect the future of humankind. Some  of them lived in cities in the sea.  Mermaids represent sightings of them.  Others live on the land and among them were a defense force of women called the Andromeda.

Gaia  speaks: “You used to adore me.  You took my bounty gratefully and before my loving sight developed your skills as will a child in the sight of mother.  You worshipped me and my fruitfulness.  I tested you with adversity which made you strong.  But in time you saw Earth’s bounty as your due.  You now have a choice between stewardship and devastation.”

“You have forgotten me, the mother of all there is.  Needlessly you seek advantage and power in a world you lay waste.  Each of your leaders claims to be the one for the true way.  You forget the worship of the sanctity of life and the precious world on which you live.  Power and greed rule your lives.  The truth that a decision is near eludes you.”

The Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is a unique female-centric trilogy blending mythology and current world issues.  It tells the story of the time before us as we descend into ever greater social and environmental crises.


The Empowerment of women II

As of now the entire Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is available for purchase from  It is a unique fantasy trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world.  Empowerment at last!



                                               Empowerment of Women II

There are many of us who have supported the empowerment of women and now we are looking at a showcase of where we are as a society. It is not what the supporters of women’s rights had been hoping.

A major issue in empowerment for a woman certainly must relate to control over her own body.

The biggest issue at the moment is about abortion after rape. The opposition to her right to have an abortion is raising moral issues and the issues go deep. 

A wealthy woman can go overseas for an abortion whether it relates to rape or not. But a universal abortion ban will have serious consequences for the less well to do. It will not prevent all abortions but certainly will most heavily impact the poor and less wealthy.

But let’s move to the more delicate issue of ethics.  Certainly, most women are not typically enthusiastic about getting an abortion. But we do seriously have to give her or let her maintain the rights over her own body.

At another level there are family finances. Children are costly and the arrival of an unplanned child can do serious damage. At this point we’re not talking ethics but an event which may do serious damage to a family financially and may remain active in the background emotionally. The issues have an even greater impact if the child is due to rape.

And then there are other substantive issues to which this clinical psychologist needs to speak.

There is the matter of behind the scenes effects. We begin with the simple and crucial matter of the fundamental rights of a woman to guide her own life and the issue of empowerment in the broadest sense.  No matter what her decision, abortion, is a particularly difficult decision. But then at another level, there are the issues I, as a psychologist, have seen.

In my practice I saw difficult and terrible effects over family members when events are not wanted or not planned jointly. When parents receive a child they feel they can’t afford, it affects them including the child over time because the child will experience parents in conflict or pain. If the parents both didn’t wish it, that must be worked on and a positive decision will be in the interest of the child but may be edged in conflict. And that means a clear decision needs to be made in advance. Yes, there is often conflict which affects everyone at the time or later. And we must never forget the long range effects on a child and they may be very difficult.

Of course, brewing through all of this needs to be the empowerment of women and their right to choose.  When all the factors are identified and worked upon, in the end the decision should lie with the woman. She may bear the child and will have a great deal of the chore of raising him or her. But above all men and society should not be in total control of her especially when rape is involved. It is something which really should be her decision.  She will bring the child and the consequences will fall most heavily on her because it may or may not relate to her empowerment and her emotional life and then the marriage. Of course she may never forget the rapist or the experience of rape.

But in the end it is often the child who carries the most weight at a deep fundamental level.  What I saw over the years was that a decision concerning rape may find its way to be carried by the child. It also is felt if there are emotional consequences because the child will feel negative sentiment resonating to him or her. This is not to say a child of rape should never be borne. But the consequences may be deeper and more unexpected at a wider level than anyone may suspect. Rape, even behind the scenes will often affect the child deeply.

What I saw over and over and over again was the fact and that the consequences may show in the couples relationship in unintended ways. But, of course, it inevitably affects a woman’s autonomy and independence. Men must understand that. Certainly the husband deserves input but women deserve their empowerment. And then, of course if rape is involved, parents must keep their own attitude about the rape separate from the child.

Much of all the issues borne by women relates to her autonomy. The time for her empowerment has come.

Concerning Spirits

As of now the entire Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is available for purchase from  It is a unique fantasy trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world at last.

Concerning  Spirits – Part 1


To put it mildly there are few who will deny the existence of reality although they may disagree what it comprises or how it is.  The existence of spirits is another matter entirely.  Some are inclined to dismiss the existence of such beings, others grudgingly accept the possibility of their existence of such beings, others grudgingly accept the possibility of their existence and still others are firm believers.

For much of my life I considered spirits to be a matter of consideration and debate.  But then there came a time of revelation which moved me into the camp of the believers.

A Sudden Appearance

After I received my doctorate from Duke University my wife and I moved to the Baltimore area.  She wanted a horse and so we began to look for a house to buy in northern Maryland.  First we had to rent a house in the country while we looked.  We found a lovely old farmhouse in a spacious valley. All was calm  until the fall.

The house had four levels with the top one being an attic. The door to it had a hasp with a piece of wood wedged in securing it.  One day I noticed that the piece of wood was on the floor and the door slightly ajar.  I went up and secured it.  A few days later I saw it was again unsecured and again secured it.

In The Evenings

And then there came an evening when we were watching television and at once we both felt a presence.  It felt like it was in the hallway and we tried to dismiss the feeling.  After it happened more and more often I wrote out questions for each of us to answer independently. Our responses matched perfectly.

We felt there was a man coming down the stairs from the attic, past the living room and entering a small room at the end of the hall.  We paid attention to the hallway in the evening and from time to time we could perceive a shadowy figure.  At the same time our sleeping dogs would sit up and go on alert.

From the Owner

Finally I framed some general questions and spoke with our landlady. It turned out that the rental history was markedly uneven.  Some renters loved the house just as we did. Some others fled in panic  Some of them spoke of a ghostly man in the house.  The owner said long ago a man who had loved his house had died there.  From the story he seemed to have declined to leave.  If you loved the house he welcomed you, but might create another atmosphere if you were not favorable. He did not want you there.


It felt to us that there was indeed a spirit in the house. The door to the attic and its latch could not be explained.  Our vision, the marked attention of our dogs and the history of the renters all supported the idea that the former owner’s spirit was active in the house.  In fact, we felt no threat but a sense of welcoming. It was an opening for me to another world.

In our next house there was an even grander opening to that world.


The Lights of Paris

As of now the entire Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is available for purchase from, It is a unique fantasy trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world as they are empowered at last.




The Lights of Paris

It is important to be gracious to others when they face crises or unexpected losses. My wife and I were grateful for support and understanding when we had our setbacks, but, of course, when it was our crisis or our misfortune we had to face ourselves and move ahead.  The question often is how the crisis will end and how can the darkness end as we work to turn the lights of Paris back on.

Over time we had faced multiple challenges. After ending our prior marriages with divorces and entering the demands of bringing together our  four children from those two marriages, we began our new lives together helping them with their grief. Then we began our own reorientation. My wife entered her new life by joining the world of crafts.  Her talent in working to create jewelry was joyous for me to see.  I departed from my position as the head of a community mental health center in the inner city of Baltimore to open a private practice. The lights of Paris came on for both of us.

Our love was essential and at last we saw beautiful and more stable days ahead,  As stressful as our lives had become, it was to become markedly worse when a drunken physician drove into the driver’s door of my car at high speed and sent me into five and a half years in and out of Shock Trauma for major surgeries.  But in the end my wife and I had to each find a way to turn on the lights of Paris again ourselves.

Unjustified travesties often yield unpredictable choices. With me often disabled between surgeries, my wife went and gained her social work degree and joined me in practice.  But then eventually we closed the practice and, since our children were grown, we took ourselves off to an adventure in the Caribbean island of St Lucia.  Well, it was supposed to be a vacation, but eventually we built a villa on a small mountain top in St. Lucia. It rented well for vacationers and then something else we hadn’t anticipated happened. Our renters left asking, “Where can you send us for our vacation next year?”

We had thought they would often come back each year to our villa but it was not to be.  So, then it was time to get acquainted with the Caribbean as a whole and we began a grand tour.  The islands were often quite different which was delightful.

We found suitable properties to rent on many islands.  Then came Martinique and the more than a little hospitable French.  We developed some fast friends.  Without a plan we had started a new life.  Although it was the Caribbean, it was as if the lights of Paris were on again, causing our lives to glitter.



Who Are Men To Become?













Men Must Face An Identity Crisis

Many men will see the question and the statement as posing an unwanted  challenge.  Presently the challenge all of us are facing relates to the pandemic and behind it is a potentially devastating confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine.  Both of them are demanding enough but we must not forget that we need a plan for the inevitable future before us.  The pandemic will subside at some point and then we will be challenged by issues of such things as the environment and emerging crises in Europe – and the future of men.

Closer to home there is a long range set of issues requiring our attention as we try to work to mature as a society.  Women are steadily pressing the matter of their entitlement and form of equality.  We would be foolish to see that as implying we only need to face their challenge.  It is time for us to face the fact that their identity, and that means who they will be, is very much up for challenge. It is time for this to be put on the table.  The future of humankind is moving  toward major change and passivity is not the proper choice for response.

Men Must Ask Themselves Who They Are To Become

Of course there are many men who see things as fine just as they are but want more or something else.

For example, the Trump administration wishes to hide from truth and attempts to hide their exercise of power. Now it is coming out how they have been endeavoring to overthrow our democratic system as they seek exclusive power. This is probably our most recent and blatant example of men seeking power.

Many years ago when I was in my twenties I was forced to attend to the arrogance and devotion to power of older white men. What I saw has not faded but been magnified and enhanced over time. And now that I am an older white man who happens to be committed to the empowerment of women, I believe it is time for all men to understand that there must be an assessment by men of who they are now and how they must become in this rapidly changing world in which women will inevitably be more empowered.  And empowering women does not mean they will assume the arrogance of older white men.  We have a growing partnership built on our differences and the wonder of partnership. And at all levels the young bring invaluable contributions.

Challenge As Opportunity

It is not a matter of men merely facing themselves. It is a matter of facing opportunity as well. Yes, women bear the children and that fact will not change. And as such they will spend good time relating to that little creature they grow within them. But in relating to men they bring other attributes,  And now men are not spending all their time hunting and we hope not spending so much time leading the charge into war although the recent attack on the capital must be attended to as a future possibility that may be repeated.

The Beginning Point

In some ways, raising the issue about men examining themselves and responding to the empowerment of women is only a small part of what lies before us. It can’t all be dealt with in one post. This pandemic will leave us with changes we had not expected nor had we been planning for.

We can see the beginning of changes that lie before us now and they will be clarifying shortly. But the changes in the ruling of men is something we should not lose sight of. If anything, I do not see much of a beginning for the search for who and what men will become.

Just Ahead

Forces in our culture and recent unexpected events are pushing us forward.  Among the issues I want  to see an end to is the arrogant insistence on power of the older white men. It is not just white people who have held power. Primarily it has been white men.  A richer culture of greater racial and sexual diversity is now before us. And my wish is that men will make a large commitment to examine and engage the changes that must come. Especially in themselves.

Empowerment of Women

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy -All three books are available on Amazon where they reveal a unique fantasy trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world. Our earth mother Gaia believes women hold special promise to lead us into a glorious future.

Empowerment of Women

I could not resist choosing to open with the picture above.  The women nailed me. Particularly the woman on the left. Think your own thoughts about the statement she might be making.  (I saw,  “You think you have me?  Think again!”)

Answers and Commitments

As you should have noted by now, I am strongly committed to the movement to empower women.  I can’t think of a single valid reason not to have them empowered.

The national commitment seems to be growing although we have a long, long way to go. But as a psychologist I find myself intrigued by the fact that this is even an issue.  We might consider equality to be at the top of the list of leading issues.


It is time to reevaluate the roles of women and our needs collectively.  In the time before effective birth control the lives of women were dominated by the numbers of children needing her care.  The man was generally out hunting or working on the farm or earning a salary.  I understand about cultural flow and it takes a long time to overcome such a history.  Effectively planning a family is a fairly recent endeavor.

The New Reality

But now women can have control over their fertility.  (Mostly, if men don’t put up too many barriers of all kinds.)  Many men seek to continue to have women under their control and responsive to their desires and wishes without asking for consultation.

While the restraint of women is being reconsidered, mountain of prejudice and opposition remain.  I hear about the benefits empowering women but really don’t hear enough honest discussions among men regarding their dedication to continued restraint.  Sometimes I wonder how many have introspected enough together to even understand about themselves and their relationships.  Or for some they may not want to understand.  There are those who simply relish power and feel more worthwhile if they can brandish it.

The Bottom Line

I wish I knew the bottom line but doubt there is even a clear or simple bottom line.  My suspicion is that we’re simply dealing with a number of issues. Failing to support women coming to the forefront is unreasonable and, as I said there are surely men who don’t want women empowered.

Tradition may be an issue but  I doubt that it is the primary cause. I’d like to see an in depth study of the issues which I have not seen.  Honestly, I believe there are many levels of threat and defense of personal power and rules for men that are major problems. It is less challenging for them if women have no power.  That means in the work place it helps to cull the competition.  And, of course, there is the power issue for men at home.  It is easier for him to experience power if he rules.

Overall though, my sense is that many men do not even want to deal with or imagine the issue of women being empowered.  Insight cannot be clarified if self examination is not sought.

In society it is often essential to simply make the examination of the issue essentially  avoidable. Like it or not we would all benefit if we brought women to equality of power.  Why not make sure the full potential of all of our people is recognized and utilized so we enhance and recognize the future of all?

Another Level

Now I’m going to impair my credibility more at least for those who are firmly entrenched in what we call reality.

As I’ve noted, when I began to write my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I feel like I ran off the road of my outline into mythology and deeply entrenched issues.  One of the things that came  to the fore was what is called the Mysterium. I shortened it to Mysterium from Mysterium Tremendum in my books.  It is something fascinating before which humanity trembles.  I saw it as the draw a woman has over a man.  It is power of captivation and deep commitment often involving her sexuality.  Thus it is an engaging draw but also a deep threat because it may feel that there are times when he loses power.  It can be seen clearly in sex.  He is drawn to her but then with orgasm he experiences a loss of energy and power.  Some men may be uncomfortable with the loss while others are drawn more importantly to the intimacy of love and mutual comfort.

Mastering the Challenge

Such issues are very hard to clarify within each person but I suspect much of the problem with the empowerment of women is that they are in at least one way, highly powered and, therefore, a threat especially to some men.  But there may be many other subtle dream ending factors.

We, indeed, need to search our souls and inner  worlds for  how to master conflicts.  Our future can be markedly enhanced, be more complex and more fulfilling.

I don’t expect a solution anytime soon.  We are going to have to demand equality of all kinds at all levels and learn to treat each other in specific ways depending upon our situation and the relationship.  Does that sound demanding and difficult? It is, but it is also what must come with the maturing of humankind.


Transformation is not ordained as a benevolent wonder.  It can be a beneficial challenge or it may open us into the depths of despair and a ruined future. We are at such a turning point presently. We have a choice to make as to how the future opens.

At the present we are engaging in stunning conflict but hear too litttle about an analysis of the challenging nature of the conflict we face. It is particularly unfortunate that we are often reducing our view of conflict to the assumption it is all about politics. It is essential that we take a broader view. The stakes for our future are too high to reduce them for no justifiable reason.


My view of the larger world was opened in 1945 when my maiden aunts Agnes and Ruth took me to the victory parade for the defeat of Germany and Japan on New York’s Fifth Ave.  It was a time of wonder as the cheering New Yorkers viewed thousands of our troops marching before us and planes flying low over Manhattan skyscrapers.  It was something never to be forgotten and it  was impossible for me to ever abandon questions about what had happened in Europe and Asia and why.


A few years later my family sat up late into an evening in 1952 to cheer  the election of our hero Eisenhower. Nominally he was a Republican who shortly would devote many resources to the building of the interstate highway system. That fact alone should clue us into the fact that political parties do not remain fixed. While Republicans at the time tended to oppose spending such huge sums domestically, Eisenhower was impressed with the road systems he saw in Europe during the war and brought back many to America.

With my awakening on Fifth Ave in 1945 I could never forget the essential importance of retaining a view of world events. I learned never to reduce all things to being political.  Such is a terrible mistake. We have history, we have culture, we have our nature, our personal experiences and on and on.

And now we struggle with each other about a political  focus when there is a much larger focus in which our human rights, world events  and essential changes among many other things should be our focus. The events are moment to moment but a large flexible perspective, which is essential, too often is missing.  We also need to understand that conflict may not be political but about personal aggrandizement.


This is a time when we may rise to the occasion and bring our political future into focus.We can make stunningly important gains or we can fall back to petty and narrow squabbling about our future.  Too often how we focus and devote ourselves has driven us into behaviors that send us into things such as tw0 world wars.

This is the nature of transformation whether it is personal, national, or worldwide. In future posts I will be addressing components of both sides of  the process of transformation.  Events in my past have time and again led me to commit to the elements that could and did lead us into highly beneficial transformations.  The type of commitments we make that lead us into devastation require careful scrutiny.

Over the latter decades of my life I have seen a repeated theme with negative consequences and that is devotion to male power.  This older white man is concerned for the movement to emphasize empowerment of men which is especially important and may pose serious problems.

We have important challenges to face. So let’s get on our way.


Time to Reopen

It is time to reopen the blog  The Cusp of Reality. My plan is to have new and updated blog posts available each Monday.

As of now the third book of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is available for purchase from along with the rest of the trilogy.  Itis called Gaia’s Majesty  Transformation.  As I’ve said, it is a unique trilogy blending mythology with women taking their rightful place in the world.  Which refers to their empowerment. And it is about time!



Just over two years ago my beloved wife died suddenly of a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  Abruptly our 45 glorious years together came to an end but not my dedication to her.  The shock and the necessary changes to be made to my life meant I needed to close the CUSP OF RELITY BLOG for a time.  It is time to resume my devotion to women in my writing although my commitment never ended. But my life experience and world events are demanding a change in the foci.

It is impossible to ignore what has transpired in our beloved America and events in the world  seem to be accelerating.  The question, as always, is  where events will lead us. Many of us had hoped after two world wars we might find our way forward with more composure and dedication for each other. We now must see if Russia and Vladimir Putin  will drive into a third world war.  The time before us poses the possibility of magnificent change or crushing disaster.


An essential focus for me remains the empowerment of women.  The movement has been a long time in coming and is now meeting direct and fundamental opposition which I find not only counterproductive but tasteless as well.  We have been subjugating half of human lives and infringing upon the joy they may contribute as well as their essential perspective and an array of their essential perspective and an array of essential talents.


At the same time I need to be clear that I believe a simple acceptance of the empowerment of men is not enough. Men need to reevaluate themselves.  If we just step back and take a fresh look, we see what we should be clear about.  Men are bigger in size than women and tend  to become more aggressive. Surprise! But there is a great deal of space for men to revise their contributions.


In contrast, women bring not just children but an enterprising and creative focus and motivation. Their contributions clearly outdistance their size and aggressiveness. Their contributions infuse all parts of societies in ways often not apparent. The richness and the diversity of their contributions and so much more must not be overlooked as we empower them.

But it is essential for us to take another look at ourselves. Certainly in our dedication in the past we found an essential defense in world conflicts. A world of conflicts continues but it is time to attend to human culture along specific lines.  Certainly attending to outside threat and power may be essential. But a devotion to power and individual pathology itself with inattention to the need of our societies is not acceptable.

How men need to become cannot be stated in simple terms because it relates to how we are culturalogically and physiologically. This will take some evaluation and study but we have the capacity to deal with it if we will devote ourselves to dealing with it.


Among other things, it seems we may be facing transformation of human societies at another level in the world and in Americas.  This may be a frightening time or glorious. Let’s see what happens and let’s develop our own views and thoughts.  While I understand the danger the future may hold, we must look forward to the challenges and the creative options they may bring.







A New day – A World to Imagine


My View of Life has Changed

In February I suspended publishing my posts noting a family health crisis. At the time I had no idea what was to come. At Christmas my wife, Mala, seemed healthy but then complained about abdominal pain. Surgery on Jan 11th. revealed a gall bladder infection. It subsequently proved to be a rare form of aggressive cancer and she died on March 2nd. Our glorious 45 years together had come to an end. In later posts I will address the impact and experience of her death. It was not a simple event.

A Cusp With a Portent

When I started this blog I indicated I believed we live on the cusp of what we call reality. Over time it is clear that people experience different realities and often we sense something beyond what we call reality.

Our country and our world has changed. The way our government is functioning and the people who dominate it do not display the responsibility we had come to expect in our Democracy. We face not only a pandemic but we are seeing great corruption in our national leadership and the failure of our government to respond to the pandemic in a responsible fashion. The question is where we are being led or what future we will seize.

Something Is Emerging

The effect of the pandemic and the rampant corruption we our seeing in our government indicate we will not go back to “business as usual”. Rather it seems likely we will see a transformation. It is yet to be defined. The transformation may well be disastrous or we may see our country reborn into a grander and more fulfilling future. In this blog I will expand the exploration not just about where we are now but also to a broader view of what may be if we expand our vision.

Another Focus

Many of our current crises are clearly in the reality field. But if one jumps from solid reality there are other forces and possibilities. I have become impressed with the spirit worlds that seem to hover near and the possibility that those worlds may contribute strongly to our transformative future if we reach out.

Returning To The Moment

For the moment let me return to present reality. And I must make a statement that is not political, but rather clinical. I am a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. from Duke University and have had decades of experience. I was stunned and pleased when the book by Trump’s niece came out. She is also a clinical psychologist and we agree on the diagnosis of him as a narcissistic sociopath who is unstable. His focus on himself leads him away from the needs of our country.

And even worse, many of our citizenry seems unwilling to face the devastation of our future that can come not just from a pandemic but from failures of our government. The problems extend beyond the White House to many of our political leaders. But it is important to remember that we may also be facing a grand fulfilling opportunity that we the people of this country may direct.

Our communication needs to be broad ranging and it is important that we understand we are now looking at not just a national crisis but also an unparalleled opportunity. The possibilities lie before us and we can form a very rich and rewarding future or lose the grand vision of America. 

Our problems are numerous and include the fact that we have a substantial gig workforce. We say we have an unemployment rate just above eight percent but reality is otherwise. A gig workforce includes people who are without an ongoing and stable employer. The gig workers face short term and multiple forms of employment. At the same time tragic events have mobilized the black and brown communities to make demands that are wholly justified. White men have dominated this country from its beginning. That must change and we have unparalleled wonderful opportunities that can grow out of these crises. I will be addressing much that is related in future posts and also will not forget the crucial empowerment of women.

Conservatives and Progressives Together

It is my view that for decades now we have been inadequately attentive to the needs of our country. A major contributor to this inattention has been a conservative movement that has become dismissive of their responsibility. 

To be clear, I have a high regard for true conservatives. I consider myself to be a progressive and believe that progressives and conservatives working together form an important source of benefit. It is inappropriate for conservatives to simply hold onto the past as if it were stone and it is inappropriate for progressives to simply hurl themselves into the future. Together we form an essential balance as we consult and negotiate together.

It is time for us to reach out to each other with respect and openness to diverse views and values. Yes, there may be a dark future but we may also direct it to the benefit of us all. We must come together with respect and seize a grand moment for transformation that just may lie before us.

For This Moment Though

Before I move on to other specifics I will first in next posts address the events related to the death of my beloved wife and the spirit world I experienced.