Examining What May Be Our Destiny



A Conversation About Ourselves and Future Possibilities


The Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy relates to two major views. We have a growing social and environmental crises threatening the future of humankind and our planet. And we are also seeing a significant increase in the efforts to empower women. Since the trilogy relates to both views it is not merely an exercise in fiction. It invites us to expand our vision and examine possibilities. Exploring what might be gives us tools to shape the future.

Across the world we see ever increasing potential for human conflict. Its been said this period is very much like the period before World War I which opened thirty years of terrible destruction and carnage.

At the same time there is another process which deserves special attention. And that is the movement to empower women. It just may be that bringing women to power may turn the tide away from frightful conflict and destruction toward a more inclusive and creative future.
Let me ask three questions:

How do you view the future given the current conflicts in America and across the world?

What do you see as the possible outcomes as the empowerment of women proceeds?

Do you see the possibility of some form of transformation for humankind?

A Thought and Social Document

I consider this blog to be a thought document and likewise the Majesty series is for purposes of thought and consideration of what may be happening on our planet. Opening a conversation should lead to deeper sharing and understanding as well as leading us to stewardship of an invaluable process. What is unfolding has monumental possibilities for humankind and it is best if we talk with each other as it unfolds. Please join in that conversation here.
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