Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy

Gaia’s Majesty: Mission Called – Women in Power

(Book 1)

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Mission Called

Avery Corbett thought she was alone in the world—without family. She had built her life around developing microloans for third world women. She is unaware that a devastating event on a beach in a Brazilian village signals her world, as she has known it, is ending.

Then an engaging young man by the name of Beck rescues her from what might have been a brutal attack. Suddenly she finds hope, promise and love. She is troubled to learn that he works for a defense contractor headed by a greedy and power hungry Overlord.

When Avery is invited to a gathering in Egypt she has a mysterious, highly symbolic, encounter in the sea. It is a signal about her true heritage and future.  That evening she meets a woman who, in time, confides to her the story of the people called Tethyans who were reserved by our Earth Mother, Gaia, to tend the future of humankind.  Avery is stunned by overwhelming revelations. She has now entered a world she had not foreseen and had not chosen.

As Avery and Beck are drawn into the world of the Tethyans, they discover that none of what they are experiencing is by chance. It seems the hand of Gaia has been at work. They are then part of her guidance and plan for humankind.

Conflict intensifies as world crises build and the Tethyan defense force of women called the Andromeda become deeply engaged.

The mission of the Tethyan people conflicts with the desires of the powerful and greedy men called Overlords. When an attempt is made to kill Avery and Beck they flee to a refuge in the Turks & Caicos. There Avery meets Celeste, a woman who is to introduce her to the inner meaning and substance of the world of the Tethyans.

As Avery learns more about her heritage, she discovers her birth name of Chantia. This is now her world, her future and she is deep into an enveloping mystery.

Gaia’s Majesty: Challenge – The Chosen Rise (Book 2)

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Gaia’s Majesty: Transformation – Life Forces Revealed (Book 3)

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Myth Speaks to Reality

Our earth mother, Gaia, was intrigued by clever creatures developing on her Earth. She believed they held promise but also danger for themselves and her planet.

Wisely Gaia reserved a gifted population of women dedicated to safeguarding the future of humankind and Earth. Those who lived in the sea were called Progenitors and could transform to live on the land if they chose. Their families on land were called Primals. Among them were a defense force of women called the Andromeda. Collectively these people were called Tethyans.

She foresaw a definitive epoch which is now upon us. Our planet is enveloped in environmental and social crises. Unless humankind serves as stewards for Earth and ourselves we may live on a despoiled planet as people held in bondage by a wealthy class of plutocrats.

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy explores if Gaia’s preparations will succeed. Is this story a myth, or like so many myths, does it reside on the cusp of reality?

Gaia Speaks

You used to adore me. You took my bounty gratefully and before my loving sight developed your skills as will a child in the sight of mother. You worshipped me and my fruitfulness. I tested you with adversity which made you strong. But in time you selfishly saw Earth’s bounty as your due. You now have a choice between stewardship or devastation.



Gaia’s Majesty: Challenge (book 2)
The Chosen Rise

Chantia and Beck share the wonder of the world of the Tethyans being opened to them and feel a oneness with the universe. But their joy is short-lived when their refuge on the Turks & Caicos comes under heavy attack by Overlord agents. The women of the Andromeda defeat the attackers but they must take flight to a new refuge in Provence, France. For now the Overlords are left with nothing but their own fury at defeat.

Chantia is restless in their new home. She needs focus and understanding. It pleases her that the next step is she and Beck are to marry. A wedding is arranged near the village of Gaelach on the coast of Ireland where it serves the Tethys of Mach Meall. It brings a gathering of representatives from all the Tethys across the world. Gaia makes an appearance and signs her blessing of the union.

The Overlords are closing in on the Tethyans. They attack during the wedding but are roundly defeated by well prepared Andromeda women. Later they mount another powerful attack on Thonis but it fails because of the artful defenses of the Tethys. To their horror the Overlords are feeling their power is slipping away.

Simultaneously, alliances with the world of the spirits are growing. Andromeda women are building new and deeper relationships with the spirits including those from the world of Vodun. In the Thonis Tethys Chantia is deep in research and discovers oracles and prophesy among the books in the ancient library. It is clear there are deeper meanings to the Tethyans than she had believed.

Chantia is thrilled to learn that she is pregnant with the daughter she will call Thera but Celeste is terrified because she bears a a child conceived with a man who betrayed her. When the children are born the question becomes who they are and what they will bring to the growing conflict.

Gaia conveys to all humankind the sense of the presence of someone near. The Tethyans greet it as indicating benevolence. But each of the world religions believes it is proof that they have the one true religion and it triggers unprecedented conflict. In the Thonis Tethys a parchment is found which indicates Gaia is entering the struggle.



Gaia’s Majesty: Transformation (book 3)

Life Forces Revealed

Secure for now in France, under the protection of the French and Andromeda, Chantia and Beck, along with Celeste, tend their children and continue their work to respond to the challenges of world conflict. Thera and Celeste’s child, Bretton, are close and committed playmates but Thera is prone to squalls. Aloof and imperious one moment, devastatingly angry another and then deeply thoughtful, she moves from emotion to emotion and state to state.

At last, in distraction, Chantia feels she must call upon the resources of the Thonis Tethys for help. A spirit guide is sent for Thera. In turn and on their own Thera and Bretton begin to draw on the spirits within them. The spark between the two is blossoming at a deeper level with their maturity.

It is not only the children who are broadening their world. The women of the Andromeda are also evolving. Even as the Overlords are declining as an effective threat, the Andromeda women are enhancing their role beyond being an effective defense force. Societies and nations are crumbling and they are expanding their ranks to perform roles in maintaining and supporting the refuges which are developing for humankind in general. The Andromeda women too are drawing on the spirit world. And, personally, they are finding partnerships in the lovers they are taking.

For Thera and Bretton their adult sexuality is upon them. And with it a deeper and more stable purpose. Chantia understands that with adulthood Gaia has brought Thera the fulfillment and stabilization of her powers. At last it is agreed Thera and Bretton are to be fully involved as young adults.

The union of Thera and Bretton is declared and celebrated. In Thonis they move deeper into a private world where they are in close contact with spirit forces. The world at large continues to draw deeper into crisis. What is called the extinction has begun with dramatic declines in the population of the world. The Andromeda report that major parts of the population are simply disappearing. It is thought that even the souls have ceased to exist.

Humankind is now deep in the denouement of the transition Gaia thought might be necessary. The growing importance of Thera and Bretton becomes apparent. And in the end it is Thera who begins the process of the transformation of humankind.