Majesty and Myth

Do you believe myth may reflect underlying reality and truth?


Great Themes

Great themes in human history power not just our imagination, but suggest our future as well. In speculative fiction we are afforded the opportunity to explore ourselves and our world in ways that inspire. While we say it is fiction, it may cross the line into forms of reality and the possible. My preference is to call this trilogy magical realism. It has a strong reality element but also bridges into another realm.

The Majesty Trilogy

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power is the first book in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. The Majesty Trilogy employes myth and leads us into the exploration of ourselves and the possibility for our future especially as women are rising.

In truth, reality for each of us changes moment to moment and depends upon our mood, who we are with and what our culture dictates among many other variables. But there are greater possibilities.

Humankind expects that it will progress and we hope that we may bring our conflicts under control. But there is an intriguing “what if” which dogs our development. These facts offer fascinating themes and lead us in turn to consider our potential for transformation. There have been leaps in human history such as when we first seized on language and later when we formed civilizations. And now we appear to be on the cusp of another leap as information technology and our technology in general transforms us and our world in what is being called the Postcapitalism era.

Living Spirits

Transformation is a term for a possibility. If there is a notable transformation we may ask where it might lead us? And in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy we explore who might lead us. We can ask if we will be led by humans or whether other life forms may be involved.

We speculate about the possibility of life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond. But can we rule out the existence of a spirit world which we cannot perceive on our own planet? After all our senses have a specific focus for survival in a particular environment.

Speculation about life forms even leads us to models which suggest that our cities may constitute life forms and that the universe may be a living entity itself.

Empowerment of Women

And then there is the fact of women rising. Yes, the growing empowerment of women, which is evident throughout the world, has the potential to lead us to another kind of transformation. Feminism is one manifestation but it can be argued that there is a more fundamental process and in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy we explore related images and meanings.

Creating a Myth – Or Is It a Myth?

Majesty was chosen as the key word for the trilogy being introduced. In this work, Gaia, our goddess and earth mother, has taken a stand. The word Majesty stands for her, our planet and ourselves if we make wise choices. In the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy women hold center stage and we explore the possibility that the myth of creatures who reside in the sea might have substantive form and meaning. The people Gaia has chosen as representing and preserving our future are called Tethyans. The Progenitor Tethyans live in the sea, the Primals compose families on the land and these people are protected by the women of the Andromeda.

The myth of the humanoid sea creature or mermaid is almost universal across our world. When we ask “what if” we can explore both mythology and ourselves. While this trilogy has dystopian elements, it leads us beyond dystopia to a glorious and transformational future.

What do you believe the empowerment of women will mean for humankind? How may myth lead us into our future?

Join us as we explore who we are and travel through Gaia’s Majesty: Mission Called, Gaia’s Majesty: Challenge and Gaia’s Majesty: Transformation.