Life Inseparable


Do you “have a life” or did you “get a life”?

What Are We Trying to Say?

When we refer to life what are we talking about? Are we talking about the body, mind, spirit collectively? Or are we talking about something which is a form of earth energy. We use the word “life” carelessly. At times it is hard to imagine what we are meaning when we use the word. We use it to refer to the form and elements of our existence as well as referring to the underlying process itself.

Rarely do we question what we mean by life. It’s not just a matter of the kind of life we lead. We joke with each other when we tell someone to “get a life”. Clearly they already have one but it is the form of it which is at question. And then there is the matter of the quality of that life. Our life can be highly variable but we will inevitably cling to it regardless.

Groping For Meaning

At the end of the day we do not really know what we mean by life. We can refer to inanimate things as having life or a life span. Such as a light bulb. It may be there is more truth in referring to life in such a context than we ordinarily realize. Certainly a clump of grass has a life as does that insect on the wall. But in other regards we can raise questions.

Does our planet have a life or do we simply refer to it as having a life span? We understand that our sun has a life span and there will come a day when it ceases to have its present form. But we also understand that it has a rhythm to its activity as seen in its more active and quiescent periods. Are those cycles indicative of a life form.

A SearchFor Meaning

Does humanity as a whole have a life span? Will we die out as a life form if we are unwise about our choices? Certainly we can cause death but do we create our death as an organism?

There is much more to the term life than we can believe at one simple level. Our definitions can diminish it or enhance it just as our behavior can diminish or enhance it.

Life Deserves More Attention Than It Gets

Are you still there or did I lose you? What I’m getting at is that the word “life” has a multitude of layers of meanings. But one of the things I came to in writing the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is that we seem to suspect we are not alone. Of course most religions have such a belief but there is another level. It may be a matter of imagination, projection of feeling, or a recognition that there are so many different kinds of life forms. But, as I wrote, I kept coming back to the feeling that in this kind of story lay the perception that there are a multitude of other life forms which may be quite sentient and intelligent. But it may be a matter that we simply cannot ordinarily perceive them much less communicate with them. One of the wonderful things about telling a story is that it is possible for the author to rectify that problem.

What are your beliefs about life?

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Life as Sruggle



What are the opposing forces in your life? How many of them are within you?

Elements of Life

Once upon a time we thought humankind had been created and lived in a world of fantasy called Eden. At first it seemed a wonderful place of dreams but supposedly a snake and a woman brought it to an end and humans were thrust out into the world at large.

I’m okay with the snake but not okay with blaming a woman for our being thrust out of Eden which I’m not convinced ever existed. The fact of the matter is that struggle is fundamental to all life forms. Why would we bask in Eden? In fact, it surely would have been really dull. Humans need inspiration which can grow out of struggle. And struggle is often instrumental in growth and development.

Struggle and Conflict Are Inevitable

Sooner or later someone or something would have had to show up to give us a push and create conflict. For all of what we call human history we have been in conflict, if not with our environment and its demands, certainly with each other. And so in our fiction we create protagonist and antagonist reflecting how life is.

Creating Antagonists

In the forthcoming Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy the antagonists are called the Overlords. They are dedicated only to power and profit. Sound familiar? But I clarify them into a clear group dedicated to the defeat of the protagonists who also have their own struggles.

In today’s world we suffer from less clarity but no less of a struggle between preservationists and stewards on one side and people who may have no vision except their own profit and power on the other. In short, our very nature makes the existence of antagonists inevitable. It’s just that in fiction we have to design them to fit the story and the needs for drama.

There Have Always Been Power Hungry Men

It is hardly new to see that there are men who are dedicated to building and perpetuating their power. The strut of their egos are forever before us. But now with the growing empowerment of women we are looking at new conflicts and a possible transformative outcomes. And so in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy the conflict gets cast in a new and mythological format.

With climate change, and the scientific conclusion that humankind is contributing to it heavily, we face what may be a denouement. Changes in human society are moving rapidly and with it the form of our struggles. Surely these themes are playing themselves out in fiction and theater.

How do you think the modern day conflict between men and women will play out?


Emerging Identities on the Cusp of Reality



It seems many parts of humankind are now emerging to full awareness. What do you feel is emerging in you?

And Then There is Reuben

The cast of characters in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is rather large and I have posted about the main characters who hold important roles throughout the trilogy. The man Reuben deserves special mention.

These books had an odd origin. I can’t say I sat down one day and began to formulate a plan. The story and the characters appeared to have been developing for a long time (decades) and then one day came rushing out at me. And among them was Reuben.

His character is inspired by Tim Gunn who is a central person on the television show Project Runway. I could not find a way to really do justice to the real life person but had to bring him into the story in his own way.

In the story Reuben is a gay man who is a couture designer in Milan, Italy. But he has a multitude of talents. His designs extend to designing safe havens and places for the Tethyans as the crisis builds. Reuben has extraordinary commitment, elegance and élan as well as sensitivity. A very special man indeed.

Recognition of Diversity

In the end I had to ask myself why I thought it was so important to have this character in the series. What he does in itself is important but many types of people could have filled the role. And then it came to me. There is another movement beyond the empowerment of women in the world which has very special significance. We are recognizing more and more elements of human diversity and blending. Reuben represents our recognition of our diversity as we accept the LGBT community and gay marriage.

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The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy: Part 6



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Can you imagine deep partnership which melds these attributes?

And among the Tethyan women were some with specific abilities which were essential. There were the Illuminata or women who were of the sun and fair of complexion. They brought clarity and illumination of all kinds including understanding and the essences of stewardship. And then there were the women of the Mysterium who were of the moon. They were of darker complexion and conveyed the mystery that is woman and the associated passions and creativity.

In defense, the women of the Mysterium could employ their fundamental power. Their passions and sexual nature meant they could overwhelm a man and stir him to extraordinary involvement or self destruction. In love and special bonding endeavors they formed truly enlightening and elevating passionate bonds with the right men. It is this primordial power which many men fear most even while some relish the mystery and delight. Among these women were leaders who formed an elite Mysterium and some Illuminata as well.

There was another fundamental force of the universe present among these beings. It was called the Maelstrom which was closer to the men and was often associated with predation and destruction. As a universal force it is most clearly seen in the universe among the stars. There are cataclysms as galaxies collide and giant stars explode. But in this force there is also a creative component of a very different kind. When galaxies collide new solar systems and planets are created. When a star explodes new heavier elements are created and this stardust brings new wonders to the universe as in the stardust of which humankind is made. And so the Maelstrom is both destructive and wondrously creative. Together these universal forces of the Mysterium and the Maelstrom play out in humankind.

And so with these people and forces in place Gaia watched as a final confrontation was fostered. It was not yet apparent to all the people who would be involved or central. But the inevitability of the conflict would become clear. We can wonder at the resolution and outcome. And it would appear that it is impending.

Nicole Laurette
It may have been that it was ordained she would enter the spirit world. As a Haitian mulatto woman she learned the depths of Vodun (which we call Voo-Doo). She gained extraordinary powers. At her finger tips were the arts of healing and death. It seemed that her future had to be linked to Andromeda and she found added depth as she joined the reality of Nordic mythology.

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#Gaia’s Majesty Discovery,#An Unbearable Choice,#Gaia’s Majesty Challenge
#The Chosen Rise,#Gaia’s Majesty Transformation,#Life Forces Revealed

The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 1



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What if this myth was our reality?

Exploring human history leads us back into misty origins and within those origins are fascinating events and adventures. Many of them are not recorded except perhaps as they may be revealed in mythology which often is shown to be more truth than fiction. The long ago events continue to shape our present lives and often tell who we are and foretell the future of humankind. Constructing a myth is a way to illuminate who we are and what our future may be.

In this myth our earth mother Gaia chose an experiment. There were creatures developing on Earth who were especially clever beings. But, even as they were clever, Gaia could see they could be dangerous to themselves and to her planet and that meant herself. It was clear if they were to be sufficiently dominant to pursue their endeavors that they were to be predators. Gaia was intrigued by the fact that their future would no doubt be tumultuous and the final story was not yet written or ordained. By their very nature, it seemed their potential might be of special interest, an adventure which Gaia could not resist observing. Where it would lead was beyond anything she could imagine. In her wisdom Gaia laid the groundwork to enhance and oversee the grand adventure.
Avery Corbett – Lead Protagonist
Avery thought she was alone in the world after the death of her parents. She had a job to which she was dedicated as she worked to provide micro loans to third world women. Little did she know a goddess was watching over her and designing her future. She wanted a family but the people of her new family who showed up were diverse and overwhelming. A real upside, however, was that she found a truly great guy. Together they went deep into the world of the “fishies” as she called them. As the lead protagonist Avery will join us for the entire trilogy.