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What’s on your list of wrongs perpetrated against women?

Pervasive Efforts

A recent post presented the concept of the mysterium tremendum which relates to that which grips or stirs the soul. It is of interest because it is my belief that this sort of effect of women on men may well relate to the pervasive and eternal efforts by men to keep women from empowerment.

Daily we continue to see evidence of these efforts. Recently I turned on the television and saw an interview about the fight to get women who had piloted aircraft in World War II, Women Airforce Service Pilots or WASPs, the right to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery . These women had been granted veterans status in 1977 and burial rights at Arlington since 2002. Then, recently, they were deemed ineligible.

It is not necessary to go into greater detail. The subterfuges, the discrimination and callous attitudes regarding women are endless.

Truth From Leonardo

And then I ran across an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio regarding his recent movie The Revenant. At one point the interviewer asked, “Why is the role of women in the movie so small and the men so gruesome and dominating?” His answer was, “This represents the savagery of a lawless culture. Women have been the most persecuted people throughout all of recorded history, more than any race or religion.” He was not asked to elaborate or support his statement but I know what he meant.

And currently we have an ongoing war against women in the United States. And what I find is that the rationale is lacking in substance because of the pervasive nature of the war.

Inner Meaning Beyond Our Grasp

What is so interesting is that there is normally no in-depth discussion of this process. The battles are fought on specific issues but rarely focus on the extent of the discrimination and its inner meaning. It seems we don’t know the proper questions to ask and I believe in part it is because the real reasons are deeply buried in our psyches and we don’t know how to access the real process. Does the Mysterium Tremendum touch on the real reason ( See WordPress posts of 1/18/16 and 1/20/16)?

What does your intuition tell you?

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The Empowerment of Women



How Can This Be? – Women Rising?

A Monumental Upwelling

I’ve struggled with how to begin this post. Did we see this coming? In some ways we did but now that it’s here we aren’t sure how the process will be fulfilled. And I must confess that I am not at all clear how I became so engaged in support of feminism.

My family of origin was not exactly a hotbed of feminism. My father was a renowned surgeon and my mother was the surgeon’s wife. She tended their social life and their two sons of which I was the younger. Nothing particularly forward leaning there.

Looking back I suppose my support of women came forward gradually. I was always the tallest kid in my class. I was a stick with no balance which meant I was terrible at sports. Sports did not engage me. I remember the day when I was watching two boys arguing with each other at home plate. Why it was that important escaped me. I thought we were passing time by playing a game. I folded my mitt under my arm and went home for good.

Piecing It Together

When I was a preschooler and in elementary school my best friend was Arlene. I always saw girls as friends and liked how they treated each other. And then, of course, came adolescence and a whole new wonderful relationship element opened. But the friendship element and respect remained.

College was when my feminism really began to flower. That time in Ann Arbor opened a new world. Tom Hayden, one of the founders of Students for a Democratic Society, was in my class and the protests of the coming reform movement were beginning. And the girls were definitely a part of it. And they were very much present in my graduate school class.

I am clear about one thing, it all came together when I took a job in the inner city of Baltimore in the 1960s. As one of the first people hired for the community mental health program I found there wasn’t much in the way of activity. I was shown to an office and found there was nothing to do. I went next door to talk to a newly hired social worker. She was a black woman who became my mentor. We went out into the streets of inner city Baltimore poverty. I tell that story in my book Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health which is available on Amazon. Roz was a guiding force but among the new hires were young psychiatric nurses who were assertive and determined. Our staff formed an activist core and women were very much a part of it. I believe this solidified my core of dedication to women rising.

Where do you stand on this issue?


The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy: Part 5


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Another form of empowerment of women?

Because of the nature of the conflict, the Progenitors and Primals had to be prepared to defend themselves and their defense could not be passive. They knew, when it was essential, they had to be aggressive and unforgiving. If they were to prevail over the forces they were up against they might have to meet brutality with brutality. In that regard they had a sophisticated and well prepared warrior class. This class was composed of women.

In our world there is a mythology which referred to a warrior class of women as Amazons. The legend of the Amazons is, indeed, derived from this class of women warriors except today they are far more sophisticated and are integrated into our societies across the world. They stand to defend the Primals and Progenitors and all things which are sacred and essential in this movement to preserve and elevate humankind. These women are called Andromeda. The name relates to one meaning of the word which is “ruler of men”. They took their places among well tended societies but they were prepared to respond aggressively.
She came from a Primal family and was headed for an education at La Sorbonne in Paris. Her grandmother was an important figure in the environmental defense community and it seemed she might follow her into the future. That is, until her grandmother was murdered. The event changed her future dramatically and she was insistent that she would become a member of Andromeda. Her inclinations, in the end, led her deep into the spirit world.


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The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy: Part 4

Book 1 Los Res 10-1-2015

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Can we start a movement of Primal families in the interest of our world?

While the Progenitors often lived much or most of their lives in the sea they could also live on the land when they had specific duties and tasks. Yes, the sightings conveyed in mythology are of the Progenitors. And they entered the land through specific seaside villages where they were known, protected and aided in their transition to terrestrial life. When they came to land they would transform and their fishlike attributes would retreat into their bodies. They then took on what we know as a wholly human form.

Over the millenia there were women and some men who came from the Tethys to the land to live. The families that there were on the land had strong female members firm in marital partnerships who referred to themselves and their families as Primals. Generally these families became quite wealthy but by truly constructive means. When they were in business their businesses were well run with a vital social contract between workers, shareholders and owners. When their dedication was to public causes such as support of the independence of women in general and safeguarding control of their own fertility and economic sustenance, their stewardship led to flourishing communities and countries.

Opposed to them were the people they referred to as the Overlords. In contrast to the families of the Primals, the Overlords were dominated by aggressive males who were highly predatory. These men cared only for power and profit. They too had originally come to the land from the seas. Thus, there was some overlap of the lineages but the Overlords were primarily the remnants of the dominant power oriented predator class.
Luisa Penza
Brigid had a pet name for Luisa and called her Kitten. A darling gamine, she used her sexual wiles with great art. It was in the service of her people and she enjoyed the form of power it gave her as well as loving the act itself. She came from a wealthy Italian Primal family and was propelled into using her talents in the service of her people and in defense of our future.

The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 2




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Does the coming empowerment of women mean we are beginning a resolution?

In the beginning, in order to compete with other animals on the planet, these beings created tools and used their capacity to formulate culture to aid in their development and endeavors. The males would have to be larger and more aggressive to ensure survival. The females were smaller, generative in agriculture and the arts and produced the children. They were central in tending cultural development. In the beginning they held less power but Gaia knew that their time would have to come and that, while generally less powerful physically, they would have to assume a different kind of power. True partnership between the males and females would become essential. Predation among these beings would have to be contained.

Over time these creatures collectively known as humankind had become successful and ruled the planet. But a final struggle was taking form. It was the struggle Gaia knew was surely inevitable. Over the millenia the clever animals were assuming diverse ways. Some were inclined to be dominant and aggressive and continued their predation in a myriad of forms. Others were more inclined to stewardship whether it was of their own people or the planet itself. Sooner or later Gaia knew there would have to be a definitive confrontation and resolution.
Beck Eriksen – lead protagonist
It was all so simple. He earned an engineering degree, then an MBA following the track his father had foreseen for him. Then he got a job with a defense contractor headed by an unscrupulous Overlord. He couldn’t have dreamed of or considered this fate. But Avery was with him and deeply committed. And the most wonderful thing was that he was not threatened by her lush Mysterium. In fact, he dove deep into it with her. Life was often difficult but she made it all worthwhile. He was her rock and knew they would prevail.

Empowerment of Women



When did you recognize the essence of this movement?

Recognizing the Essential
It is hard for me to imagine anything more fundamentally transformative than the empowerment of women. It leads to personal and societal growth. Certainly we had a high regard for women because they birth us and our children in marriage. But too often they were chattels. It was a rare prophecy which would point to what was to happen.

As the movement of and for women took form there was a brief period when some women who sought equality tried donning suits and ties. It was quickly abandoned. There is a certain decorum of dress in the work place but happily women still look lovely, even alluring while we give them respect, power and the hearing they deserve.
Certainly we have a long way to go. Equality of pay is badly needed along with due attention to promotion and power.

Women Rising
And now there is Sally Armstrong’s Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter. She documents what is happening in the empowerment of women worldwide. We are seeing a broad range of change. And from time to time I see an indicator of the change which makes me smile. When I was young tall women were often bent forward. They seemed to want to avoid challenging the males around them by being as tall or taller. Now I’m struck by tall, straight women when they walk into a room. I’m very tall and from time to time meet a woman who looks me directly in the eye. What a pleasure.

Deep Stirrings
The future role of women seemed to be tucked away in my mind as I looked forward. And when Gaia’s Majesty came rushing out into my writing I chose to make powerful women central. What came to my mind at once was the almost universal myth of the mermaid. Very occasionally mermen are mentioned but it seems an afterthought. This myth implied something about our future. And it was so delightful to shape one view of that future and its meaning.
Beyond Power to Partnership
Surely in the kind of crises constructed in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy women had to be the dominant characters. It contrasts with the fact that too often men coming to power means threat. But the idea of women coming to power, to me, means stewardship and partnership. Of course, the men who must yield power may feel very differently and I wove them into the story.

There are so many hints in our world today which suggest the future can be very different. And much of it is tied to the empowerment of women. There is so much more to be said and explored on this topic.

What does it mean to you when women are empowered?