Seizing Opportunities


Finding Alternatives

My father was a surgeon. He loved his profession but he shared reservations with me when we were riding in the car. I listened carefully and as I entered one part of the medical profession I found his reservations validated. And so when I saw alternatives I often took them.

A Marvelous Intervention

One day not so long ago I decided to take a Tai Chi course just for fun. But one evening my sinuses were bothering me. They were totally clogged and painful so I had to sit down. The instructor came over and asked me what the problem was. When I told her she instructed me to gently place each index finger just above my eyebrows. I thought that strange but followed her suggestion. Ten minutes later my sinuses had cleared, the pain was gone and I was back in class. 

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Dell was a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and I seized the opportunity to consult with her. It was an eye opening and essential experience. I now have a battery of “flows” I use to combat various issues cropping up in my life.

The Jin Shin system was born in Japan over a thousand years ago. It is among the systems such as acupuncture and acupressure. Over time the energy systems in our body were traced. I now have three books filled with flows and interventions after I took a day long class.

I asked Dell if she knew how they had traced the systems. She said she didn’t know but it was done long ago. We agreed it probably was a time when we humans were more in touch with fundamental forces, before technology took hold. My thoughts also extend to our experience of the spirit world.

Intervention Examples

Here are a couple of interventions I have experience. If I find I have trouble sleeping I place my left index finger at the left back corner of my head just where the skull ends and place my right index finger over the bone at the top of my right upper chest. The effect is not immediate but then suddenly I fade into sleep.

Even more import was the time when I was diagnosed with Afib. The only treatment I was offered was a blood thinner so I did not suffer blood clots. When the Afib is active I feel it like an anxiety attack because of the activity in my chest. It also serves to wake me up at night. I went back to consult Dell. When it occurs I now place my right index finger at the right corner of my neck just where the skull ends. My left index finger is placed on the fleshy area behind the pinky finger on the hand touching my neck. Generally I can count to three and the Afib stops.

All I can say is that I am totally impressed. We live in a world of wonder if we choose to venture out into it.


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Health Alternatives and Reality – Pt 1


Small waterfall along a gorge trail.

To what school of health do you belong?

Okay. You got me. Recently I posted about my experience with vitamin D deficiency and it produced obvious resonance. It made me think about what else you might find of interest. I can’t say I come from a specific school as it relates to health except maybe the School of the Doubting Thomas. So, I looked back and found the roots of my position.


My father was a surgeon. He pioneered abdominal surgery in the 30s, 40s and 50s. To me he was Dad and, of course, I looked up to him. It was only later that my brother (an attorney), after some experience in medical malpractice, reported to me how eminent he was. Such a position would make one suspect that he would hold an elevated centrist position. He did not.

The story of his life inspired me. He was born into deep Mississippi poverty. The family was challenged at every level. Finally with his father’s blessing he boarded a train for Washington in 1917 and went to work in the War Department. From there he climbed to college at Columbia in New York and then on to medical school there. It was a breathtaking story of devotion, challenge and, interestingly, a deep commitment to independent thought.

I was my father’s favorite son. He liked to fish, hunt, ride horses, hike and so on. They were not so much my brother’s cup of tea. Not always mine either but my father and I were closer. And so when we were riding in the car he talked to me about his life and his profession. He loved medicine and his desire to be a part of it drew him out of that deep rural Mississippi poverty.

What I Learned

Rummaging around in these past decades I had to recognize that my memory has become a little hazy but a couple of things were clear. In spite of his love of medicine, my father had deep reservations concerning routine practice. I came away with a fundamental dictum. “Question Everything.” He saw a lot of what he felt was malpractice or at least incompetence and when he struck down to the core he felt the greatest tool he had in his practice was not his surgical skill but his bedside manner. He mobilized his patients through hope and belief along with the success of his skills.

It made me understand that my acceptance of medical alternatives was rooted in what he conveyed to me. And allied with it was the notion of questioning everything. Question routine practice, question routine belief, question medical alternatives. Question, assess, test and then maybe accept.

In those days alternative medicine was not widely embraced so I can’t say where he would have stood but I suspect he would have taken some of it in.

The Outcome

So I’m going to go on a tour of what I found from this position. And, bottom line, I find I’m often angry and disappointed. Folded into the other topics in this blog will be health related issues. Just to mention a few. Health care realities. Diagnosis and reality. The travesty of mental illness. PTSD and our veterans. Responding to family crises. Medication and Big Pharma. Taking personal responsibility. Poverty and functional disability. The complexity of drug abuse. And then we’ll see.

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