The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 1



What if this myth was our reality?
Misty Origins with Truth

Exploring human history leads us back into misty origins and within those origins are fascinating events and adventures. Many of them are not recorded except perhaps as they may be revealed in mythology which often is shown to be more truth than fiction. The long ago events continue to shape our present lives and often tell who we are and foretell the future of humankind. Constructing a myth is a way to illuminate who we are and what our future may be.

And there is something even more fascinating, even fulfilling. It is found when we weave mythology with current events and developments. In this instance I could not resist the siren call of weaving the current developing social and environmental crises that trouble our world with the women’s movement. And so I called upon the irresistible myth of the mermaid. Yes, the “siren call” is a pun of sorts. Of course there are other myths woven into the story as well.

The Myth of the Story

In this myth our Earth Mother, Gaia, chose an experiment. There were creatures developing on Earth who were especially clever beings. But, even as they were clever, Gaia could see they could be dangerous to themselves and to her planet and that meant herself. It was clear if they were to be sufficiently dominant to pursue their endeavors, that they were to be predators. We call these creatures humankind. Their predation was essential, but also troublesome especially when it was directed against their own kind.

Gaia was intrigued by the fact that their future was promising, but would no doubt be tumultuous and the final story had not yet been written or ordained. By their very nature, it seemed their potential might be of special interest, an adventure which Gaia could not resist observing. Where it would lead was beyond anything she could imagine. In her wisdom Gaia laid the groundwork to enhance, oversee and defend the grand adventure.

More details about these people chosen to defend the future of humankind will be provided shortly.
Avery Corbett – A Lead Protagonist

Once the general form of the story began to take shape a lead protagonist presented herself. Since a core part of the story relates to the empowerment of women, a woman was essential. And since the story was about social and environmental crises, it was not exclusively about romance. But the idea of a loving partnership central to the story enhanced it.

In Gaia’s Majesty: Mission Called – Women in Power, Avery Corbett is the lead protagonist. Thinking herself alone in the world after the death of her parents, she had taken a job to providing microloans to third world women.

Little did Avery know a goddess was watching over her and designing her future. While she had yearned for a family, she was overwhelmed by the family that emerged. As wonderful as the people of this family were, they were hardly what she had envisioned. A real benefit, however, was that she found a truly great guy to be her partner in her emerging world. Together they went deep into the world of the “fishies” as she called her newly found people. As one of the lead protagonists, Avery will join us for the entire trilogy.

If you could choose another family, what would they be like?

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The Promise of Interregnum

From the Cusp of Reality Humankind Explores Its Future

Manikin leaping from reflective sphere in fantastic landscape

Into the Future
Can you see the way forward?

Some of the next few posts are a departure but are related to the essence of the blog (cusp of reality) but also the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. This is not a time of clear stability, to put it mildly, and one of the underpinnings of the Trilogy is that we are shortly to embark upon a very new era. This perception has led me to do broader explorations. And what I found is fascinating.

It would be simple to sit back and observe recent events and shake our heads at the seeming futility and foolishness. We are beset by a political cycle in which the key elements are pandering and manipulation. We may view it as futile or may see in it a transition.

Below you will see a quote from Jonathan Taplin in which he indicates that his view relates to the last gasp of the establishment and that we are in what he calls an interregnum. I believe in the essential validity of his perceptions.

And in the next post I include commentary on two items drawn from Wikipedia which relate to defining and describing neoliberalism and neoconservatism. The evidence is right before us. We see in these descriptions a great deal which gives us clarity about recent events. And later I will present material from Paul Mason’s book Postcapitalism. The case he builds for what is coming is supported by much of what we have already seen.

As difficult as these times are, this material presents the idea that this is a transition of great importance.
Interregnum article:
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The Establishment’s Last Gasp By Jonathan Taplin
“The Italian philosopher, Gramsci defined the concept well:”The old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum many morbid symptoms arise.” This sense of being trapped between a dying establishment and a new order that is not quite formed, plays itself out in four areas. In our domestic politics we see a populist dead end battle as an older, whiter America invests its hopes in Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to stave off the multicultural state filled with immigrants and young people in which they are no longer the majority of citizens. In the world of business we see the giants of the carbon economy (Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, Peabody Coal) fighting to preserve their businesses in a world that must transition to a clean energy economy. Similarly, the giants of Wall Street and Silicon Valley are fighting against real regulation of their businesses and serious taxation of their billions in capital gains. And finally in the world of international affairs we see the forces of the military industrial congressional complex battling to keep an $800 billion military budget in order to preserve America’s status as the sole hegemon, even as they realize that the future is a multipolar world.”

Do you feel trapped, hope or something else?

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The Meaning of Uprising


Commitment to Partnership

The work of Carl Jung and the meaning of myth had a significant role in my creation of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. Book 1 Gaia’s Majesty: DiscoveryAn Unbearable Choice has now been published and is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. It is clear in these works how deeply I feel about the empowerment of women and that it leads to wonderful partnerships benefiting us all. The cloak of the book is woven in myth but the underlying reality speaks to the essence of our existence.

There are often layers of meaning concerning events which creep up on us. It is almost surely true about what is happening with women in the world.

The Dawn of a Final Essential Struggle

There is a new day dawning for women and it is involving considerable struggle because men are not yielding easily. The story is detailed in Sally Armstrong’s book Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter. There are cultural restraints, resistance of all kinds and so many men are clearly opposed to having women gain equality. Their opposition is often cloaked in expressions of concern and statements about the vulnerability of women and their supposed needs. The bottom line, however, is opposition which may simply be a matter of yielding power.

In the United States we saw women’s suffrage but the time of greatest demands came in the 1960s. There is a whole detailed history leading to women rising to the degree apparent now. And what is particularly interesting is that the changes are coming across the world.

Enhancing the Potential of Our Species

One contention is that it is not just a matter of events or possibilities but that there is an inherent demand in regard to women coming of age and power. Humankind has reached a point where major changes must occur. We have been wasting the full potential of half our people and we need women to join us at every level. And as they join us the birth rate declines. Gone are the days when we simply needed more people to claim more land. We need fewer people to build a sustainable life style and to protect our treasured home, Earth.

Are We Looking at Enhancement or Survival

In that form of thinking we have the possibility that from a survival standpoint of our species it is time and essential that women join men in equality and full partnership. Only in time will men appreciate the full benefits.