Stuck in a Puddle of Confusion


This Feels Like Desolation

I don’t mean to be negative but in all my years I have never seen the people of our country so lost. What passes for dedication and enthusiasm strikes me as rather pointless. Do we want to become something or stop being something. 

Often in the past I’ve seen competing ideologies and demands that go along with them. Maybe each of us didn’t agree strongly with a given position but we did have a guiding light. We are in a political fight but it doesn’t feel uplifting or focused. 

Party Differences

No one, even Trump, didn’t expect him to be president. Now the Republicans are devoted to his continuance. Seriously? This is the Republican Party?

Meanwhile the Democrats are raising flags of positions. But it feels like a milling small crowd. There are so many seeking the nomination for president. But I can’t focus the reason for most of them to be running. 

But to me the issue isn’t political. It does not feel focused at  all. Is there a lofty goal we should seek?

What Problems Need Solutions

Our economy doesn’t seem to be doing too badly. Except midwestern farmers are facing catastrophe, jobs are a problem in the “Rust Belt” just to name a couple of issues. Oh yes, and income inequality is escalating. So where do we focus? Is this an identity crisis or is there not a focus abroad to engage us? Or are there too many problems?

Again and Again

As I sit here writing this I keep having the same problem. I could probably construct a monumentally long list of issues with no cohesion. We just feel lost and without a strong leader. Oh no, I’m not saying we need an autocrat. We already have a would be autocrat at the head of our government and that self oriented dedication will not lead us productively forward.

Our Needs

Maybe the key issue is that there are too many unconnected problems. Each area of the country seems to have its own set of problems. What I’m not seeing is planning or even exploration of data to underlie planning. The thought of the word vision makes me want to laugh. The world seems to be struggling and I don’t know what it would take to bring us together.

Let me know if you have some magnificent vision. For now I’m going to simply  move ahead piece by piece. I mentioned the death of community mental health and we could solve or at least improve things if we did evaluation and planning. But we’re not doing enough of that. Too many reasons and not enough devotion to focus. It just may be that what I’m feeling is the lack of commitment and focus issue by issue. We had strong commitments in the sixties. Let me try to focus my thoughts. 

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The Time Before Us

With the holidays upon us I’m going to suspend posting until the new year. See you then. Happy holidays.

More Than I Thought

When I started the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy it was because I couldn’t resist entwining the intriguing and widespread myth of mermaids with the current movement to empower women at last. What I learned was that there was a lot more stirring inside of me than I realized.

Myths Have Complex Power

Yes, I had always been intrigued by mermaids. On rare occasions mermen appeared but it was the power of mythological women in the sea that dominated. I had never seen a really graphic exploration of the meaning of the myth so I took it on with my own story.

Searching Import

And then there is the empowerment of women.  Over fifty years ago I came face to face with the power of older white men and how often they worked not just to maintain their power but also to continue the subjugation of women. At the time the women’s liberation movement was in flower. With what I saw I became intrigued by what that empowerment could mean for all of us.

A Larger Effect

As I wrote the trilogy something else happened. I began to feel an essential part was not just the empowerment of women but a fundamental change for humankind. I could see the import of possible changes and that we could be entering a period of transformation.

Naturally transformation has a Janus face. It can mean a descent into total failure or an elevation to a new level of wonder and possibility.

An Early Impact

As I said, back when I was a child my aunt’s took me to view the victory parade at the end of World War II on Fifth avenue in New York. I never forgot it and I was always intrigued with international events and movements. Since then I have observed moments of huge potential and failure.

Great Contrasts

Not long ago we looked at a period of great hope which descended into the desperate failures of the Trump era. Europe is in peril and so is the Middle East once again. As this period developed it fed into my perception of the trilogy. In the books the period became known as Denouement as the mission of these women was led into a desperate conclusion. And in the end I brought forth a transformation of great impact.

Are we possibly in such an era or is desperate failure in the offing? We will see shortly. But, of course, in the trilogy I had to bring it to triumph with women at the center of the outcome to a glorious and transformative future


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Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called

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