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Transformation Seems on the Horizon -Like It Or Not!

What might transformation bring us?  Have you asked your soothsayer lately?

Waves of Change

I’m going out on a limb and saying I expect increasing waves of change. It may mean disaster but I love possibilities and see good ones on the horizon. They help guide my fiction writing. What do you see in the future?

I’m constantly captured by a view of waves in human history. They may be multiple and overlapping but we can see them and currently they seem to be coming more rapidly. In the ancient world the waves were long term but now they seem to be accelerating. They offer the fiction writer a lot of interesting material.

From Dark Ages to Hope

Some times we look at the ancient world and see wonder, but it could be a cruel place. After the Dark Ages came the Renaissance. Certainly many evils remained but there was marked change as reason and a turn to individualism triumphed. More recently we have seen things like the consolidation of countries in Europe and marvelous increases in research and technology.

Social and Political 

During the time of the World Wars there was massive conflict but there were also social and political creations. Even with our current conflicts we can see distinct possibilities. If we sit back and focus, it is often surprising what we see may be possible shortly.

What’s the Point?

Recent events suggest we may be entering a dark and foreboding era but there may be welcome surprises. Certainly there are those who are focused only on their own benefit. But we still have options for lovely and fulfilling transformations. There may be benefits that can be truly substantial. Future possible transformations inspired me to write the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy.

What kind of transformation do you think may lie just ahead?

Let me invite you to also join me at my blog cuspofreality.com. In my posts I’m sharing my thoughts about our world as it is and how it may be. We may stand on the cusp of reality and when we step off we can only dream of what we may find. 

Available Now: Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power

                                          by Roger B. Burt 

                       (Book 1 of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy)

A Focus on Patriarchy – Pt. 7



Levels of Interaction

Cutting to the Core

It is ever so easy to simply focus on a conflict which we clearly have as women press for an end to their subjugation. But resistance to change is not the core issue although it must be confronted. The issue is our future and what the flow of culture is creating.

Among Animals

Yes, we are animals and like all animals we struggle. But there is a difference because of the magnitude of the meaning of the outcome. If we triumph, we do not merely triumph over other human beings but we triumph in the salvation of our planet and entire races of beings. The stakes have gotten that high. We are no longer just hunters/gatherers. And among us are people of vision such as Elon Musk among others. Also among us are the power hungry with vision only of themselves and their financial gain in the display of their sociopathy.

Seizing the Opportunity

At the edge of our awareness we are turning over thoughts about the future. We wonder how much longer capitalism will endure and what will follow it. Over the centuries we have seen one form of ruler come after the other. Absolute rulers fostered endless conflict and subjugation in the ancient world. Interlocking royal families ruled Europe but their decline did not bring peace and fascism came to call.

Above all we need vision at this time and it will require positing goals for the future and how we attain them. In bits and pieces vision will help us gain a way forward. Yes, the culture which bears it will be glacial but at some point it becomes climacteric. And, in my estimation I see the greatest promise is found in the women among us. It is a force yet to be fully released.

And I shudder even at using the word force but I see it in a sense as a component of a cultural flow.

What Is Happening

The rising of women is something which wraps me and my attention. I see the patriarchy failing not just in the sense of our questioning their right and legitimacy but in the fact of their decline. And at the edge of the process working into the center are the women.

Daily I delight to see the women appearing on the news shows. Young, engaged, talented and forthcoming with their opinions and talent.They are less afraid, more assertive and balanced. What I am viewing is ever so far form what I saw in my youth and is what I sighted in the sixties. It didn’t just draw my attention, it commanded my attention.

The Cutting Edge

From time to time in human history we see breathtaking development. Perhaps we fail to see them moment to moment or even month to month. The Renaissance was such a time. Rome and the ancient world declined as the Vandals, Visigoths and others rose to bring an end to their tyranny. It did not bring wonderful change. It brought the Dark Ages and much of the scholarly pursuits retreated to distant libraries to be tended by Middle East scholars and people like Irish Monks. Then the world exploded.

Without question we are seeing an entirely new type of explosion and many are telling us and warning us that it is at hand. Whether it elevates us or devastates us is open to question. But, I would suggest that the empowerment of women may be at the core of the possibility for transformation. Perhaps at last we can come to a markedly beneficial transformation. We have great struggles yet to be overcome but I’m convinced that women hold a key element for that transformation. Are we now to replace a focus on power with a focus on wonder and creation?

These thoughts may be dismissed as merely misguided hope but we will see won’t we?

What have you concluded? Please let me hear your thoughts. roger.burt@earthlink.net

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