Jin Shin Jyutzu and the Mapping of Energy

Attending to the Mysteries of Life

Day to day we move through the demands and realities of our life. On occasions, if we will attend, we see there are mysteries to which we may attend. They can be found in a variety of places. They may come to us from a book we are reading, embrace us from a sudden illness, arise from our religion or simply intrude in ways we could not anticipate. We then have a choice. We can dismiss them or choose to have them enhance the experience of our existence.

A Question of Reality

Recently in a post I talked about my experience with Jin Shin Jyutsu and the wonder of the energy systems in the human body that were used in this healing system. I took a day long course and came back with detailed maps of the systems and how to use them for benefit. They do, indeed, work and are very useful. I have Afib and from time to time I experience a markedly unstable heartbeat. I have a Jin Shin “flow” I use that returns my heartbeat to normal in a matter of seconds.

One question I had was not answered. How was this mapping done? I know of no way to display it with contemporary technology. My suspicion is that since it was done thousands of years ago, that it reflected a visionary sensitivity that has been suppressed now that we have become so much more “cognitive”.

It Has Not Been Completely lost

Perhaps the proper term to use for what happened is “suppressed”. There is considerable evidence that such systems still exists among some of us but it is often criticized as fantasy or a manufactured reality. But we may see alternatives in very young children who are willing to say that they have a very special friend who usually only they can see and interact with. We chuckle and humor them. But what if it is not totally imagination but the remnants of our former abilities and functioning? And what if it is a manifestation of a spirit world we no longer believe in and have dismissed. We can see it in our literature and fantasies but turn away in our day to day lives.

All of us have “strange” and unusual experiences from time to time. But generally we are unwilling to speak of them or share them. We have all heard ghost stories which we may find fascinating or humorous. Or we may have seen a ghost.

Considering Other Possibilities

As noted above, there is the possibility that these things reflect abilities we have lost or suppressed. That raises the question of what other abilities we have lost or pushed aside over human history. I suspect each of us can cite things we have observed that supports the idea we have put parts of ourselves aside. And we can consider the possibility that the “reality” we now perceive will not remain unchanged. I search some of these possibilities in my Gaia’s majesty Trilogy.


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I refer to it as a work of magical realism. It is a series with a strong mythological element and a real world setting in this time when women are being empowered at last. It is a time of wonder and awakening for all of humankind.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power – Book 1

Avery had dedicated her life to work for the future of third world women. Her life was enhanced when she met the man who became the love of her life. They could not know that they shared a destiny and that a mission set long ago by our Earth Goddess was to be revealed before 


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Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge

A Very Personal Recognition – My Companion


Let Me Share This

There was no sudden event, but over time I became aware of someone whom I call My Companion. I see her in the distance beyond me in my “Mind’s Eye”, not in the clarity of day.

Yes, it is a she and she has been with me for a long time. We do not often interact. From time to time she will come to me and we exchange not just thoughts but feelings. There are also times when I reach out to her and she can still or clarify unsettling feelings and perceptions.

She Is Someone Special

In the end I chose the name Companion for her because of the way she accompanies me in my life. There is no huge need or demand and I think I know what/who she represents. In Carl Jung’s theories he indicates that each of us has an opposite sex partner called an anima we carry within ourselves. I think this woman I call My Companion is my anima. I do not see her in what we call visual reality but instead see her in my “Mind’s Eye” where I look in my imagination. The clarity is touching.

It seems that when I search in my imagination that she resides in a specific time of the day no matter when I look out to her. My view suggests it is probably late afternoon or early evening because there is not full sunlight but a comfortable ambiance of light. That suggests to me she resides in the time of day when I have the most energy and feel most alive which is between the hours of four and six in the afternoon. So, it seems she is aligned to my life and energy.

Our Other Sex Partner

I’ve found Jung’s idea of an opposite sex partner who travels with us in our lives to be intriguing at many levels. I am clear about my positive regard for women and my view seems to align with who I see and what I see in My Companion. That raises an intriguing possibility. Is it possible that the nature of our opposite sex partner relates strongly to our view of that sex in our “real” life.

For example, I see stunning differences in how men relate to women. It is clear there are men who are predators when it comes to women. They may treat them poorly, abuse them and even prey on young girls. I wonder if it’s possible that these actions reflect the relationship they have with their Anima. In my Gaia’s Majesty series I have an unethical predatory Overlord who comes to suffer attacks by a woman spirit with flaming eyes. Such a spirit could well reflect an inner woman or anima who is evil and drives him to treat women so poorly. 

Different Relationships 

It may be that the men who treat women poorly have animas who are anything but loving and fulfilling partners. Instead their anima drives them to strike out at women. 

These considerations give us another form of support of the idea that the dynamics of our inner life have a great deal to do with how we are in our outer life. As such we then can see that the spirit world is not truly a creation of imagination but reflects another form of reality with which we live.

And, of course, when we begin to consider a spirit world, we open the possibilities for many forms of spirits in our personal life.

Moving Beyond

Almost all of us experience strange phenomenon, including the perception of someone nearby from time to time. It may merely come to us, but it may relate to a specific place. The stories are almost infinite and in my later years I have felt and seen so much that I feel these are things which exist in our personal and collective world.

That in turn opens the whole idea of a spirit world in general and alternatives beyond ordinary life. And so we bring these spirits to life in our imagination and such things as fiction writing. We cannot conceivably prove they do not exist and there is no reason to dismiss them utterly. One of the options is to consider and give room for an opening. I have found such an opening in my Gaia’s Majesty Series. And I find that opening satisfying.


Don’t Miss My Developing Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy

I refer to it as a work of magical realism. It is a series with a strong mythological element and a real world setting in this time when women are being empowered at last. It is a time of wonder and awakening for all of humankind.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power – Book 1

Avery had dedicated her life to work for the future of third world women. Her life was enhanced when she met the man who became the love of her life. They could not know that they shared a destiny and that a mission set long ago by our Earth Goddess was to be revealed before 


Available Now in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called

Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge: The Chosen Rise – Book 2

These people, called Tethyans, live in cities in the sea but can morph into fully human form and come to land to form families. They join with the warrior women called the Andromeda to fight against the forces working to impair the future of humankind. Avery has found her birth name of Chantia and she and Beck find there is soon to be a child of seeming great import just as the world falls into terrible strife with millions already dead. 

Available Now in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon

Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge

Expanding Our World


Other Life Forms

On a day to day basis there isn’t much reason to consider the possibility of other life forms. That doesn’t mean rabbits, deer and water buffalo. Other life forms refers to the ones we cannot ordinarily perceive. But the possibility keeps coming up.

When I started working on the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I found story lines often led to other life forms. If humankind is, in fact, moving toward some kind of denouement or transformation, is it possible we would come in contact with or form an alliance with other forms, possibly from the spirit world? Belief in such being or brushes with them are pervasive.

There It Was Again

Recently my wife asked if I would like to go to a workshop about dowsing. Immediately I was intrigued. It had been a long time but I had had a brush with it long ago. We were living in an eighteenth century house in a lovely rural valley. Our water came from a thirty foot dug well in front of the house. One day it was apparent that the sewage system had backed up into it. Time for a new well.

But where were we to drill. I decided to take up water witching or dowsing. The result stunned me. I’d never done it before but could feel tugs and in one place off to the side of the house the tug was very, very strong. We had the well drilled there. What a gusher! The company had left the pipe sticking 3 feet out of the ground and the water settled just six inches form the top. We would have had an artesian well without it.

Another Opportunity

The idea of the workshop was intriguing but I didn’t really know much about dowsing. I learned about entities, spirit guides and other powers. There we were asking questions and getting answers. It is a rich system related to other kinds of life forms and powers.

Then I remembered something. Many years ago I had gone to a dump to drop something off and was struck by terrible feelings of fear and despair. There were two employee working at the dump and when they looked up the fear and devastation in their eyes was terrible. I came away with a terrible impression of a murder. Not just a sudden murder but a tortured prolonged affair.

Energy Systems

Human beings appear to be made up of energy systems and other forms are all around us. In the workshop I learned about entities and pervasive systems. It seems I had experienced a residual effect of a cataclysmic event. I’m pleased to say I have never encountered another one.

But the richness of dowsing goes well beyond water witching. The workshop connected me to the experiences I related previously about a ghost at one house and the spirits around another place I had lived.

Easy to Dismiss

It’s easy to proclaim that these phenomena are figments of our imagination. But, while I don’t spend a lot of time interacting with these alternative worlds, I’m impressed with their possibilities. And then when I turned to fiction and considered the possibilities of transformation as humankind reached yet another turning point I found myself back in that world.

It is enriching to consider these alternatives and more than that, it just may be that the entities, spirits and other being are important to our growth, our development and our future.

May The Force Be With You!

What of this have you encountered?

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

Roger B. Burt’s Amazon home page

Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 5


When We Empower Women
Somewhere along the way in writing this trilogy I found that I had a mission. In my life experience I increasingly felt that our future very much depended upon women and bringing them to power. That recognition in turn led me to believe that in this story there had to be a defense force composed of women. The Tethyan people could not just be women living in cities in the sea who would sooner or later come to land. It was impossible to believe that their coming would be without incident even if Gaia wanted it to be so.

Surely there would be opposition and it would not be passive resistance. There were progenitors who could live in the sea, Primals who had come to land and, especially for defense on land, I created the women of the Andromeda. They could be loving but also brutal as necessary.

Then Came One Kind of Reality

How naive I was. As noted elsewhere I stumbled upon the book The Amazons by Adrienne Mayor. No, they are not the workers at the company which purveys books and a host of other things. They were real women who lived in the area to the east and north of the ancient empires around the Mediterranean.

What was especially intriguing was that they were not just warriors but had rich lives an partnership with men. Given the prominence of warfare on horseback they were admirably suited to the task. And so I found a rich support for the women I found essential in the trilogy.

I had to go hunting for a name for them in this series because simply calling them Amazons didn’t seem appropriate. So, the name Andromeda showed up and it meant “ruler of men” among other meanings. Close enough and I found I just plain liked the name.

An Unexpected Future

And I found I did not want them to just be warriors standing guard at the gate. I wanted richness which reflected the richness of women. And so they had a variety of roles and each of them in time had to find partnership to enrich their lives. Much of this reflected a hoped for future and there was an evolution in the story. Of course there had to be a richness in their stories and background. Each came to be a warrior because of a specific history.


We have already covered Brigid Lynch, the flaming-haired-assassin-for-good, Luisa Penza our dangerous Italian gamine and now comes Adelais Dubois. She comes from a Provençal primal family. She was innocent enough and planning on attending LaSorbonne in Paris until her grandmother was murdered by an Overlord agent before her. That, of course, changed everything. She turns out to be a very determined young woman and in time will reveal that she has an affinity to relate to the spirit world. A perfect addition to the women of the Andromeda.

What are the possibilities you see for women in our future?

Roger B. Burt’s Amazon home page
Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt
Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Pt. 2 Beyond Speculative Fiction

Expansive Perspective


Are you searching for a fulfilling perspective?

In fiction we can speculate and explore. But is it mere foraging or are we looking to define emergence and process? Having an adventure is fine but we seem to be arriving at choice points. At choice points we are also looking at turning points. Certainly they are more than entertainment and it is my contention that our world social scene is enduring significant choice points. Information technology is exploding and our world is shrinking. That is a dynamic scenario to which we need to attend. What fun? I think not. It is a challenge.

Utilizing Exploration

In fiction I’m not interested in idle exploration but think it is possible to edge into social commentary and define underlying realities and emerging themes. And wouldn’t it be nice if we had the guidance of a challenging but benevolent goddess. By putting the issues in a different light we may gain choices and recognitions. If we are edging into a postcapitalism world we need to pay attention. If deeply hidden themes are surfacing, we need to pay attention.

Essential Recognition

One theme which is clearly surfacing, but is not sufficiently recognized is the gathering import and impact of women. Women have been subjugated but what is happening is more than the liberation of them as they gain control of their fertility. Clearly men feel threatened by their liberation and try to hinder development.

But this is not about fertility. I would contend there is a fundamental threat and it is being expressed in misogyny as women gain power. I utterly fail to see that this is being recognized sufficiently and I expect this thought will not go unchallenged.

The Power of Women

Let me lightly touch upon the power women hold. They enrapture men and at first men love it but she had best be careful because men don’t yield power easily. And so then there is sexual exploration. The man feels the rush of desire but with fulfillment comes a diminution of his power. And beyond that women are coming to explore themselves and what they wish for themselves. That means the man must yield some things to her. If they achieve true partnership, which takes some effort and negotiation, the outcome offers tremendous benefits—if it can be achieved. But for now we must attend, define and work to achieve a goal we can use for mutual benefit. It is in our interests.

Spirits and Beyond

We can also approach many other issues. Everywhere in human history are stories about spirits and a variety of life forms to be conjured and raised to awareness. Some of this, of course, reflects our need for an eternal life. But it also may just be touching on something that may be. Our senses are defined for specific purposes in our lives as they are. If our senses were different it is possible we would sight layers of life and amazing diversity.

Reaching Out

And the question “Are we alone” relates to this possibility. It also seems we have the yearning to find the other out there for contact and the wonder of diversity. Of course, there is also danger. But wonder does not always pay attention to danger.

And then, of course, there is the universe itself. Monumentally creative and destructive, it is a lure we reach for. We are stardust and have learned that we are. Again there is danger in the maelstrom of the universe but the creativity is worth the danger and we can only begin to see the kinds of encompassing life forms which may exist.

And to come full circle in this commentary I have to say adventure is intriguing but exploration can lead to the most wonderful discoveries. At the same time we must fight our way through our struggle and conflict. It helps to look out and examine our possibilities and what may be. We may strike a chord of guidance.

Where does speculation lead you?

Roger B. Burt’s Amazon home page

Exploring Our World



Have you found truth?

The Challenge of Philosophy

Philosophy may do such a thing as focus on the construction of ethics or may move us into the realm of politics or totally abstract considerations. As such it may bridge into fantasy and can be markedly speculative. After taking some philosophy courses I came to see it as having the potential to change anything into anything. There were no bounds.

Exploring Reality

In particular I found existential philosophy intriguing but when I moved closer to what we call reality I was equally captured by political philosophy. In both areas the mind can soar but in each instance the restraint I found was in considering the impact on what we call reality.

My first course in political philosophy began with a reading of The Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes. I found it fascinating and my takeaway was that he was pressing the point that we create the state with a social contract to ensure peace, security and for the common defense. It requires our allegiance and tending and I doubt that he would have supported an antigovernment position. Rather he would have pressed the need for working through a social contract. In fact he pressed the point of us supporting our government. And then in the last chapter he totally blindsided me. It amounted to him saying “but of course there are circumstances.”.. Suddenly reality changed and there was a decision to be weighed depending upon the circumstances. We might reach a point where we would fight for significant government change or even overthrow it.

From there I went on to read a veritable history of political philosophy. Marx, Engels, Stalin and Hitler among others. With the philosophy of socialism I got to see a clear enticing logic. There was just one teensy problem. It did not mesh with the reality of human nature. And so began the experiment with what we called communism until it collapsed of its own weight.

Writing as Exploration

What’s the point? We humans have a variety of ways to explore our world and ourselves whether it is in the real world or the world of fiction for example. It is so rich and varied. And exploring possibilities in fiction permit us to seek and consider without ruinous consequences. Such is the power of the clever creatures we are as we seek the future and hoped for security and wellbeing.

What have you found in your explorations? Can you state it or them clearly?



The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy: Part 4

Book 1 Los Res 10-1-2015

Gaia has chosen to join us by gracing the cover of Gaia’s Majesty: Discover – An Unbearable Choice, the first book of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy 

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Can we start a movement of Primal families in the interest of our world?

While the Progenitors often lived much or most of their lives in the sea they could also live on the land when they had specific duties and tasks. Yes, the sightings conveyed in mythology are of the Progenitors. And they entered the land through specific seaside villages where they were known, protected and aided in their transition to terrestrial life. When they came to land they would transform and their fishlike attributes would retreat into their bodies. They then took on what we know as a wholly human form.

Over the millenia there were women and some men who came from the Tethys to the land to live. The families that there were on the land had strong female members firm in marital partnerships who referred to themselves and their families as Primals. Generally these families became quite wealthy but by truly constructive means. When they were in business their businesses were well run with a vital social contract between workers, shareholders and owners. When their dedication was to public causes such as support of the independence of women in general and safeguarding control of their own fertility and economic sustenance, their stewardship led to flourishing communities and countries.

Opposed to them were the people they referred to as the Overlords. In contrast to the families of the Primals, the Overlords were dominated by aggressive males who were highly predatory. These men cared only for power and profit. They too had originally come to the land from the seas. Thus, there was some overlap of the lineages but the Overlords were primarily the remnants of the dominant power oriented predator class.
Luisa Penza
Brigid had a pet name for Luisa and called her Kitten. A darling gamine, she used her sexual wiles with great art. It was in the service of her people and she enjoyed the form of power it gave her as well as loving the act itself. She came from a wealthy Italian Primal family and was propelled into using her talents in the service of her people and in defense of our future.

Life Inseparable



Do you “have a life” or did you “get a life”?

What Are We Trying to Say?
When we refer to life what are we talking about? Are we talking about the body, mind, spirit collectively? Or are we talking about something which is a form of earth energy. We use the word “life” carelessly. At times it is hard to imagine what we are meaning when we use the word. We use it to refer to the form and elements of our existence as well as referring to the underlying process itself.

Rarely do we question what we mean by life. It’s not just a matter of the kind of life we lead. We joke with each other when we tell someone to “get a life”. Clearly they already have one but it is the form of it which is at question. And then there is the matter of the quality of that life. It can be highly variable but we will inevitably cling to it regardless.

Groping For Meaning
At the end of the day we do not really know what we mean by life. We can refer to inanimate things as having life or a life span. Such as a light bulb. It may be there is more truth in referring to life in such a context than we ordinarily realize. Certainly a clump of grass has a life as does that insect on the wall. But in other regards we can raise questions.

Does our planet have a life or do we simply refer to it as having a life span? We understand that our sun has a life span and there will come a day when it ceases to have its present form. But we also understand that it has a rhythm to its activity as seen in its more active and quiescent periods. Are those cycles indicative of a life form.

A SearchFor Meaning
Does humanity as a whole have a life span? Do we die out as a life form if we are unwise about our choices? Certainly we can cause death but do we create our death as an organism?

There is much more to the term life than we can believe at one simple level. Our definitions can diminish it or enhance it just as our behavior can diminish or enhance it.

Life Deserves More Attention Than It Gets
Are you still there or did I lose you? What I’m getting at is that the word “life” has a multitude of layers of meanings. But one of the things I came to in writing the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy is that we seem to suspect we are not alone. Of course most religions have such a belief but there is another level. It may be a matter of imagination, projection of feeling, or a recognition that there are so many different kinds of life forms. But, as I wrote, I kept coming back to the feeling that in this kind of story lay the perception that there are a multitude of other life forms which may be quite sentient and intelligent. But it may be a matter that we simply cannot ordinarily perceive them much less communicate with them. One of the wonderful things about telling a story is that it is possible for the author to rectify that problem.

What are your beliefs about life?

Dreams Versus Reality


Your Dreams

Do you dream? Oh no, I’m not talking about those things that crop up at night. I’m talking about the dreams you have for your future, your desires, what might be. How much of a hard edge do they have? Do they involve mysticism? Do they lead you into a spirit world of your own? What do they say about you and your life?

Questioning Reality
I’m a clinical psychologist and have spent a lot of time talking with people about their lives. Often we talked about reality but as the decades passed I came to question the meaning of the word. Do our hopes and dreams fall outside the realm of reality? Of course not.

Fiction Choices
And when you read, what are your choices? Do you gravitate toward apocalyptic fiction, dystopian fiction, romance or simply something which advances a “what if”? Are you engaged by ancient mysteries or are you looking for inspiration in how they may emerge in the here and now.

Relating to Reality
At once I have to say that the title of this blog reflects my core belief. I do not believe in a fixed reality. Reality is ephemeral and subject to our own interpretations. We live on a cusp and reality is often something which emerges and recedes into a mist. We take up a station of beliefs and surround ourselves with family and friends who reinforce something stable enough to be called reality.

Myth and Mysticism
And then there is what lies out there in the mist of the past. We enjoy myths and may recognize that they may offer prophesy and be visionary. Yet, we may fail to recognize that they can convey a stark and important reality of their own. And myths do not just speak to the past but also may relate to the future as it is emerging and how it may be.

Assuming we live on the cusp of a changing reality then we have to wonder what we are to do with that. Naturally most of us take hold and fix a reality of sorts which works for us. But then there is the matter of the emerging world. That is where speculative fiction and such things as dystopian fiction, science fiction etc. come in. We can explore with them. And my considerations have led me to the writing of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. (The first book, Gaia’s Majesty: Discovery, will be published in October.) It asks the what ifs and comes out of my life experience. The trilogy relates to stewardship in a world in crisis. Women are central because it is apparent that they are emerging as a much greater force in the world. Certainly they have always been important but they are coming into power and partnership with men in new and important ways. And we have to wonder if there is a transformation in our future.

A Dual Pathway
The possibilities are fascinating in a world which appears to have gone asymptotic in many ways. And so I’ve chosen to explore through this blog and through fiction in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. Stay tuned.

Surely, regardless of your age, you have dreams, if not for yourself, then for someone in your life. What are those dreams and who are they for?