The Overlords in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy


Universal Struggle

Struggle is universal among the animals of Earth. Competition presses their development. And we see that competition in the interactions of  protagonists and antagonists. In the Gaia’s Majesty series the antagonists are called Overlords. But with them the essential struggle is against their greed and domination.

People are predators who had their origins in the sea. The Tethyans were some of those who developed in the sea but were charged to contain their predation. There were other predators who emerged and they remained thoroughly committed to greed and power. Those are the Overlords. Given the mission of the Tethyans for stewardship, the conflict between these two groups was inevitable.

Not An Invention

In fact these antagonists are not strangers to us. There are many forms of rule and that rule may be benevolent or oppressive. Looking back at European history we see a ruling class which was composed of intertwined royal families. Some were more benevolent than others. Royalty finally bowed to a new form of government, but the existence of powerful intertwined groups did not disappear.

In some way it is appropriate to say that royalty has been replaced by the oligarchy. In each country we see wealthy families dominating business and they have great governmental influence. In Russia the oligarchs have been fleecing the people. Their grasp on power is deep. In America we are clear wealth heavily influences our government. Oligarchs are among us as well.

Benefitting the Many

The Overlords in this trilogy are a devise. They were not meant to be a truly substantive part of the work. Certainly they have a role, but in the end they yield to a more fundamental theme. As with royalty, times change and different kinds of influence come into being.

A core theme in these works relates to the end of the subjugation of women and their empowerment. And as that occurs there is broader benefit and prosperity. And even better, there is the reality of them forming strong partnerships with men.

In the end wouldn’t it be wonderful if we replaced the rule of the oligarch with the benevolence of women and men in partnership? Of course it’s a dream, but the power of the empowerment movement and its benefits are already flowering. So it may not be just a dream.

What do you think of this dream?


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Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge

What Is a Functional Reality? – Can It Include Spirit Guides?


Learning From The Other

In our own minds we engage in fantasy and dreams. We also explore legends and myths. But I have also found that my understanding of reality or lack thereof has been built by my clinical experience which means interacting with other people. I found it essential to adopt varying frameworks when I was talking to people. Each of their worlds may be quite different from my world and that means there is a different reality. Early on in my studies I was told that being involved in psychotherapy meant learning from your clients. How true. Not just in psychotherapy, but learning from others is a lifelong process.

Don’t Talk About It!

It is really odd that in most of our lives we simply do not discuss this much. But at the same time I understand why we don’t. What a time sink! In contrast I would argue that it is a worthwhile time sink if we would only focus it. We need not spend all our time on it, but in a social context, for example, we can clarify our policies in a meaningful way if we will see how and why we differ and how it might be reconciled for the common good. In governance it is useful for conservatives and progressives to talk together to construct a functional way forward. Too often it becomes an unproductive ideological battle. Functionality may begin with an abstract approach as we look toward the future of humankind.

Where Is This Going?

When it occurred to me that I wanted to write a post about functional reality I had a sense of what I was thinking. Let’s face it, if you are going to write something it helps to know where you might be going with it. In preparation I googled it and to my surprise I found I was not alone in thinking about it. See what you find when you google functional reality.

Functional Versus Unfocused

I found it useful to create a view of functional reality in my thinking for my clients and as I said I believe it is useful in social planning. Of course, while dealing with the lives of real people it cannot be anywhere near as abstract as this discussion.

We move to another range of functionality when we think about stewardship whether it is of our fellow humans or our planet. At that point we come to a utilitarian functionality.

Varied Tools and Ways Forward

And there is the matter of tools which leads me to my interest in speculative fiction. In fiction we can create a functional reality of sorts which guides the development of our story and our thinking. That in turn lets us to look to future possibilities in our writing and for our own lives. 

Maybe I’m a little odd in that regard, but I like to know where I’m going and love to look ahead in other regards. In short, I like to speculate. Perhaps you have similar inclinations. Who knows? We might even uncover the meaning or existence of things such as spirit guides. We really do not know what other life forms there might be nearby. And particularly as we forage in creative lands it just might be that we will get unexpected guidance. Or, sometimes, it is a matter of being willing to go out there and just take a look. There is a range of functionality. There is what serves for right now and it extends out to the utility of what might be and where our dreams may lead us.

What is the usual focus of speculation for you? Do you have a spirit guide?

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

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Devoted to Vision


Devoted People

Books have characters who are key to the story. In the case of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy there is a core people, the Tethyans, who are key to the story as well.

At the time the story started to develop we seemed in a hopeful period in our world. There were beneficial changes in many regions. But then it seemed we began a downward spiral and today we look at considerable risk.

Even during the more hopeful period, the existence of a people devoted to stewardship and the future of humankind seemed essential.

A Devoted Goddess

We have stories of gods and goddesses throughout history and often they simply reflect characteristics of humans. They fight, they love, there is conflict. In this instance the goddess Gaia represents both a benefactor and the planet itself. As such she stands above simple human conflict.

But she understands the essence of struggle in animal affairs which includes humans. So, she gives direction and can augment the conflict and struggle. And so the process stands above a simple interaction. From time to time she makes specific contact but she also represents a higher power. And the Tethyans too stand for higher purpose. They stand for us and our future.

Beyond Present Circumstances

Too often we focus exclusively on conflict in human affairs. We look at which side we will support and the degree of our engagement. But there is a larger picture. We can address the matter of our collective future and whether we will join in a transformation. We do transform ourselves from time to time when we do things like embracing language and ownership of a culture. It may be that there are other things to embrace in our future. And they may not be apparent until they are upon us.


What is fundamental is our embracing change, devotion and vision. All that there can be is not readily apparent. It is devotion that fuels our future and we see it presently in devotion to stewardship and dedication to the future of all of us and our worldly home. And so again we come back to asking “What if?” Will be hold the vision which will support our dedication and insure that we will see our way through the current escalation of conflict. And if we do, we have to ask where is and what is our future? The beginning of this process is found in Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called now out in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Do you have a specific vision?
Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy – Part 4


Can we enhance the movement of Primal families in the interest of our world?

Broad Missions

In the myth underlying these books, the Progenitors Gaia had chosen to defend our future often lived much or most of their lives in the sea, they could also live on the land when they had specific duties and tasks. And there was often a mission chosen for them on land by Gaia.

Progenitors Coming to Land

The sightings conveyed in mythology are of the Progenitors as they were in the sea. But with a mission on land they needed a safe way to come from the sea. And so there were designated villages on the seacoast chosen to aid them in a safe and hidden transition to terrestrial life. When they came to the shore they would transform and their fishlike attributes would retreat into their bodies. They then took on what we know as a wholly human form and would don clothes provided by their protectors.

Life on the Land

Over the millenia there were women and some men who were given missions to come from the Tethys to the land to live. They built families that had strong female members firm in marital partnerships with their mates who referred to themselves and their families as Primals. Generally these families became quite wealthy but by truly constructive means. When they were in business their businesses were well run with a vital social contract between workers, shareholders and owners. When their dedication was to public causes, such as support of the independence of women in general and safeguarding control of their own fertility and economic sustenance, their stewardship led to flourishing communities and countries.

Gaia’s Involvement

These families were a vanguard in a sense. In the event of widespread catastrophe and the need to restart humankind they were present and prepared to support new societies. Gaia had decided she would not just stand idly by but would prepare in all regards.

The Opposition

But, of course, humankind had a diverse history and there were those who continued fundamental predation, even against their own kind. Opposed to the dedication of the Tethyans were the people they referred to as the Overlords. In contrast to the families of the Primals, the Overlords were dominated by aggressive males who were not just highly predatory but these men cared only for power and profit. They too had originally come to the land from the seas. Thus, there was some overlap of the lineages but the Overlords were primarily the remnants of the dominant power oriented predator class.

Luisa Penza
And then there was Luisa who came from a wealthy Italian primal family. Like Brigid she had a brush with tragedy and brutality and so came to join Andromeda. Brigid had a pet name for Luisa and called her Kitten. A darling gamine, she used her sexual wiles with great art. It was in the service of her people and she enjoyed the form of power it gave her as well as loving the act itself. Her appearance served her in her work. She seemed so innocent, but the object of her attention and assignment would not suspect that she was hiding her wiles and could strike with brutality if needed.

Can you see people like these in our present lives?

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Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

The Mission of the Tethyans

Essential Mission


Are you looking for a mission or do you already have one?

Safeguarding the Future

In the coming Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy the Tethyans are the people (mostly women) who our Earth Mother Gaia has set aside and protected in the sea to safeguard the future of humankind and her glorious planet.

On our planet we are facing a wave of serious social and environmental hazards. But rather than designing a series in which people fight under the eyes of a detached super being I decided that a dedicated and loving partner was more appropriate. And so I chose to invoke a goddess who cares for her people in a somewhat more direct fashion and who has the stake of her planet, which is herself, at stake. But she understands and is conversant with the fact of the benefit, even necessity, of struggle, and that she must leave much of the struggle to the dominant species.

Struggle and Clarification

So Gaia, instructs and guides in careful ways while the outcome is clearly up to the people she has chosen and the people they oversee. At the same time we come to clarity about fundamental universal forces which play out in our lives.

Diversity Among the Chosen

The Tethyans, of course, have not been merely set aside. They are a dynamic collection. Progenitors live in the sea but can morph and come to land where their tail and webbing withdraw. (They are the origin of our belief in mermaids.) On land are the Primal families with strong partnerships. And then there are the women who stand in defense, the Andromeda women. Together they are deemed stewards for our planet. For now they are stewards but in time the future of humankind is even more deeply in their hands.

Guided Understanding

The greatest mysteries are found among the Progenitors in the Tethys of the sea. They understand implicitly that they may be the future of humankind if the great experiment fails. But Gaia does not operate as an ordinary ruler. It is not possible to ask for an audience with her and pose questions. She is after all a being of the spirit world and is in herself the very planet. Communications are difficult. There are times when she communicates but they may be in symbols or prophesies.

Diverse and Greater Purposes

But for the Progenitors, they do not exist merely as people in waiting. They serve a much greater purpose. In their cities in the sea are the great literary and historical heritages. For example, in the Tethys off Alexandria, Egypt called Thonis, there are primary documents from the great Alexandria library saved when the library burned. It is an extraordinary repository and requires ongoing research. It bears on the meaning of our past and may disclose the future.

And not all the material is merely books and papers. In fact, there are living entities among and within the books.

Immense Purpose

These people in the sea may, indeed, hold our future in their hands, but in some way, also our intellectual and cultural heritage. And in the end, along with the Primal families they oversee the stewardship of our precious earth.

What might lead us beyond our confinement to this planet?

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We Are Stardust


What does being stardust mean to you?

We Rule – For Now

How arrogant we are! In our estimation we are the pinnacle of creation. And it seems we have an inalienable right to rule this planet. At least that is the case unless we bring it and ourselves to ruin.

Reasonable Assertion

Certain things are implicit and inevitable. Such as the human ego. We need it because if we do not look out for our own benefits and existence no one else can. As children we have to assert ourselves so that we survive among the mob which may be our siblings. Later it becomes another mob.

There may be order in the assertion of the self. At the same time it can help us become part of useful common endeavors. What is especially interesting is the pervasive nature of the assumption about our rights. Each is supreme in their own right. Of course then the tyrant may arrive and his ego is triumphant. Until such time we live in a personal reality and set of assumptions.

Another Reality

There is another reality which we rarely glimpse. That reality relates to the fact that we are stardust. When one thinks of the power of the Maelstrom we see that out of the destruction of the star is created the heavier elements. Without this creation via destruction we would not exist and much of the real world we call home would not exist.

What does that mean for our assumptions? Does it mean we are ordained as so special with such supremacy because we are stardust? We hold the term in awe and then take it as our own.

An Obligation

At base, one assumption is that there has been an event which puts us in a special place. Our life form was created with its position and abilities. The real base of the issue is whether we earned the place or not. It is a very real possibility that we earned nothing and our ego is simply causing us to assume we have special rights. Perhaps what we were given with our special position was a special obligation to seek wisdom and the opportunity and obligation to create.

Where It might Lead

As the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy developed, one theme suggested we might hold a special obligation but surely that is the obligation to seek new understandings and wisdom. And implicit is the reality that stewardship is essential for both our planet and fellow beings. Perhaps that is the lesson for humankind. There are unsuspected realities out there and special obligations that come with them. Living on the cusp of reality is one thing but that cusp has special demands we might want to consider. Or are we obligated to consider them? And then comes the matter of where all this might lead.

Do you see special possibilities?

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Seeking Perspective




Is this time in our national experience familiar to you?

National Exploration

It seems we are once again embarking on a national exploration or, call it soul searching. There is ample discussion but it often is not illuminating. Yesterday morning I passed through a television show I normally avoid. The pontificating lead anchor declared that this period is about self discovery and that the 1960s was about violence.

The host had no grasp of our history whatsoever. Looking at him I realize he may have been quite young at the time but understanding history would prove instructive for him.

Waves in History

Human affairs are not engaged by a steady march. They come in waves and are punctuated by events. Over time, movements and orientations develop and often crisis points are arrived at. Such is now the case.

As World War II ended, our surviving young men returned to us and founded families. They received an education and the economy thrived. And then came another generation and it was time to search the horizon and look to a different future.

Embracing Missions

The decade of the 1960s had its conflicts but above all had its missions. We had endured a misguided war in Asia. Fifty thousand of our people died and more than a million in Asia. We were tossed into a conflict to confront a Monolithic Communist Conspiracy which did not exist and the consequences were terrible. Many opposed the war and we heard the strains of We Shall Overcome which had its historical base in the fight against slavery and prejudice and was then raised against racism and war. In this instance we held hands and sang for peace. The peace sign was everywhere displayed by those who sought a productive end to conflict. Yes, at times there was violence but we sought peace of all kinds.

And then there was the Women’s Liberation Movement which has been termed the second wave of feminism. Long overdue, it arrived to further the cause of the empowerment of women. The movement continues and is hardly notable at the time or now for violence.

It was also a time when we began to face the matter of stewardship of our precious planet. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.

Yes, there was violence when marchers were attacked in Selma and civil rights workers were murdered. But our endeavors were overwhelmingly peaceful.

A Renewed Search

Yes, we have healing to do currently but I have a great deal of trouble with people who declare the 1960s as violent. That was never the intent of my generation. We sought equality, constructive engagement, stewardship and peace. We need to not forget what was sought. In the time since what we sought has often been sabotaged. And now the wave rises again and again we examine ourselves and people of good will seek to overcome and find peace and justice. This is not a new time. This is the previous time which has come again and we need to seek to prevail in the interest of justice and harmony.

What mission have you adopted?

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The Myth Underlying the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy : Part 3


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All I can ask is, What if?

Gaia understood that struggle and conflict is at the core of the nature of life both within and among creatures. Central to this struggle would be the matter of power which was not easily shaped or yielded – especially by predators. But Gaia had a plan.

She did not want to give up on her experiment easily and so she reserved a population which might be needed if she had to start the experiment all over again. These people were called the Progenitors. Since the females were central to the continuation of humankind, she reserved cities in the sea where these women would live. If need be, from them could spring a new race. These cities were called Tethys and among the women were a few men to insure diversity and because they might be needed if the population was to be restored to the land. The people who lived in the Tethys and those who came to land to live were collectively known as Tethyans.

While the existence of the Tethys was not widely known, some of the residents of these cities were sighted from time to time. The legends about mermaids were born of those sightings. And, of course, as with all legends, they took many forms going well beyond the matter of what actually existed. But in other regards they never touched on the wonder of the reality. But one reality was essential. While in the sea Progenitors had partly fishlike bodies with tails and webbed fingers. The image we have of the mermaid is correct in many regards.

Andromeda Defense Force

Brigid Lynch
My editor called her the “flaming haired assassin-for-good”. Life seemed to hold a cruel fate for her after her mother’s suicide. The evil Overlord of the Irish estate where she had lived with her mother had her dumped on the street with no future at all. But she was taken under the care of people who were chosen to defend and direct humankind. Her pain was transformed into dedication as she came to head the crucial Andromeda defense force.