In Defense of Our Democracy

We have continuing evidence about who Trump surrounds himself with. One after the other we see corrupt cabinet officials and others. His present Labor Secretary has been complicit in covering for a serial child molester/rapist. The evidence of the corruption of Trump and his cronies just keeps mounting. What is even more shocking is that at least 40% of the American public are devoted to Trump. For a time I thought it might be just a matter of the information they were getting. But the coverage of the corruption is so widespread that they must be hearing about it and their continuing devotion is extremely shocking.

As a psychologist I need to make one thing perfectly clear. What Epstein did is not something that has a temporary effect on his victims. Many of these girls were already vulnerable because of family dysfunction. He seized on their vulnerability. And what he did is being defended.

The experience these girls had was traumatic, will almost surely permanently warp their self image and self esteem. They go forward in their lives with post traumatic stress disorder. Even worse, society contributes to the damage. Too often girls who are raped or mistreated in this fashion are then unfairly viewed as soiled and are rejected. In the stories of these women who were raped we hear that they avoid the word “rape” because of the impact on how many people see them and what it does to their self esteem. It is totally unfair and immoral to treat a vulnerable victim in this fashion.

The larger picture is increasingly distressing. Trump supporters stand with and applaud him as the future of our democracy is endangered. Our relationships with our allies are being trashed and our departments corrupted. There seems to be a reticence to confront these issues about Trump supporters openly but we must. Do they not care that the integrity of our precious country is being shredded? Do they not care about what that means for the future of their children and grandchildren?

If Trump’s supporters will not stand up for our country and help put an end to this widespread corruption, then it is up to the rest of us to defend our country and that means every one of us getting out to vote. If you have not voted before, you need to now. And the rest of us must be sure we return to the voting booth.

I never thought I would see this day. Our country must be defended.

Risk From an Unfamiliar Culture

Lessons in Life

Usually I stay away from the political arena but it’s often hard because the line between the political arena and the rest of our lives gets frayed. The roots of this commentary come from the book Red Notice by Bill Browder. I made mention of it previously and the deeper I got into it, the more I found what he wrote has broad implications.

Once again I have to say I am stunned by this book. In one sense it feels like it is a compellingly interesting novel, but it is really his story. There are times when I simply gulp at the import. I also find it is stirring memories and his experiences and conclusions mesh with so many components of our world.

The Focus

But let me focus on the central point of this post which relates to the reality of Russia. Our world is growing smaller and our interfaces more complex. Here in North America we have our differences but are functioning reasonably well. But in other parts of the world there is much more drama and issues that lead into deep conflict.

A Reprise of a Story

In two previous posts I wrote about a man by the name of Nicolai Kokhlov. I met Nicolai while I was working on my doctorate at Duke many years ago and the experience was unforgettable. He brought a bridge to another reality I have never forgotten.

Nicolai was the head of Russian intelligence in Eastern Europe and, to put it mildly, it was not a nice job. He didn’t just gather intelligence. He also had to have people killed. The fact of what he had done was startling because he was a mild mannered man of substantial grace. He seemed so gentle and humble. One evening we fed him vodka and heard the depth of his story.

On that evening he talked about some of his work in detail and there was an utter disconnect from his demeanor and what he had done. In the end he could not endure the life and he made arrangements with American intelligence to defect. He was to go on Radio Free Europe and announce his defection. At the same time our people were to take his wife and children and spirit them out of the country. He made his announcement, but we did not go for his family. They were taken by Russian intelligence. In the end they were not murdered but he never saw them again. At the time off our meeting he had remarried and had children with his second wife.

The Russians poisoned him with a radioactive substance and our German military hospital saved him. It was clear he had a morality very different from much of Russia.

The Point

On that evening we heard in detail about a very different culture and how we too often betray our promises. Now comes Bill Browder’s book. He is a brave and determined man who opened investing in Russia as the communist empire collapsed. But at one point his investment business was attacked. But it was attacked in a way that the attackers were going to take huge personal loses to their own investments. To us it seems curious but Browder quoted an old Russian proverb and summarized the import this way: “The moral is simple: when it comes to money, Russians will gladly—gleefully, even— sacrifice their own success to screw their neighbor.”

Now the Conclusion

We have a curious story unfolding about Trump and his family and their enmeshment with Russian oligarchs. What Browder spells out in Red Notice is the risk which there is not just to the Trump family but to our nation as well. We do not understand this component of the Russian culture but it comes down to the fact that they may seek serious damage to us even while damaging themselves. To that we need to give serious attention.Did this issue even occur to you?

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